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The Bachelorette

OK, Who Sucker Punched Wes Hayden?

They say love don’t come easy, but drama sure does — especially if the words “Wes Hayden” and “bar” are involved.

It seems like every time we turn around lately something is going wrong in Bachelor Nation. Justin "Rated-R" Rego claims he was attacked at the Bachelor Pad 2 after party (although that doesn’t *quite* seem to be what happened), Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s phone just got stolen, and now BP1 villain Wes Hayden says he was attacked in Texas. Are we going to have to establish a curfew?

As Wes tweeted on October 10:

@wesleyhayden: “Wow! I was assaulted this weekend @ Mo's Place n Katy Tx. They let the guy leave without lettin me press charges. The just swept it away. … They let the guy go who sucker punched me. I watched him walk out the door. I have a broke jaw, surgery this thursday. … I pressed charges @ the hospital,But the cops work 4 Mo & let the guy go. Wont tell me his nams. Im sure its a friend the bar. … no I was talkin to 2 girls, about to take a pic with them when he sucker punched me. Never saw it.”

Violence is always bad but since this is Wes, the number of people he could’ve annoyed enough to get physical is actually pretty long — and that’s not even counting the billy goats he threatened to have sex with.

Wes is supposedly taping a new reality TV show with fellow BP1 castmates Natalie Getz and Jesse Kovacs, so they really should be following Wes around with cameras to capture this crazy action. It could help them sell it to a network for more money...

Source: Twitter

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10.11.2011 / 04:20 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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