Jersey Shore’s Ronnie: Pauly D Is Jealous of Me!
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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie: Pauly D Is Jealous of Me!

Here's an accusation we didn't expect: In a recent interview with AOL TV, Jersey Shore muscle man Ronnie Magro claimed that resident cool guy Pauly D is jealous of his youth. Seriously.

When AOL asked what was up with Pauly D saying that Ronnie swaked him (aka jacked his swag) on a past episode, Ronnie explained that he's "the only competition in the house when it comes to anything with Pauly," which makes Pauly "intimidated."

And then he pulled that age card: "When you're that old, I wouldn't feel intimidated by a younger person. I wouldn't feel like anybody was swakking off me. I'd be like, 'I'm 10 years older than this kid, I've gotta be showing him the right path.'"

So, basically Pauly D should be Ronnie's Yoda? Yeah, that would go well. Also, since when is Pauly D 10 years older than Ronnie? Last we heard Pauly D was born in 1980, Ronnie in 1985. Someone needs to brush up on his math skills...

Source: AOL TV

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