On-Set Scoop: Fringe’s Seth Gabel Says There’s “Definitely Love” Between Lincoln and Olivia
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On-Set Scoop: Fringe’s Seth Gabel Says There’s “Definitely Love” Between Lincoln and Olivia

It’s never easy being the new guy, especially when your partner suddenly gets killed by a shape shifter and you’re thrown into the world of Fringe without any warning. But Lincoln Lee, played by Seth Gabel, has risen to the occasion and has already been accepted by the eccentric Walter Bishop (John Noble) and has replaced — yes, replaced! — Peter Bishop (Josh Jackson) as the son Walter never had and the partner Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) was lacking.

Of course, Seth Gabel isn’t new to viewers of Fringe, who have already gotten to know him as Alt-Lincoln (Blincoln, anyone?), the Alt-Universe Fringe Division supervisor who harbors a massive crush on Bolivia. Whatever happens next on either side, we’re thrilled that Gabel will be part of it as a new series regular.

Warner Bros flew Wetpaint Entertainment to the set of Fringe in Vancouver, where we had a chance to talk to Seth about Fringe bromances, his character’s crush on Bolivia, and the catch phrase he’d like to see on Fringe T-shirts for this season.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What has Lincoln been up to in the Alt-verse?

Seth Gabel: We’ve been seeing a lot of the regular Lincoln so there are a lot of holes in the Alt-Lincoln timeline. Such as, where is Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo), which I’m curious about. I really hope he comes back soon. Alt-Lincoln, I think, has just been doing his thing on the Fringe team and obviously the two sides are connected, so there’s a bit of conflict between the two of them. They’re a bit adversarial, but at the same time there’s the usual Fringe events that need to be taken care of on a weekly basis.

Alt-Lincoln has feelings for Bolivia, but will Lincoln have feelings for Olivia in our universe?

Lincoln seems bound to Olivia in some way. Whether it be as a brotherly relationship or a love relationship remains to be seen. There’s definitely love there, it’s just in what capacity that love is played out. I don’t know yet.

How will he react to Peter?

Lincoln and Peter seem to get along. They have a… Argh, I hate the work “bromance”! They get along well, and have whatever the definition of “bromance” is without using the word. I don’t think there’s a competitive nature there. I’m hoping because there are Alts of each person and only one Peter that Lincoln and Peter can be ultimately happy in some way.

Is Lincoln curious about his Alt self?

Definitely. I don’t know if he gets to meet him. I’m not allowed to say. I definitely want that to happen and it seems like the logical step for the Alts to meet their counterparts and what I’m curious about is whether that relationship will ultimately be adversarial, or if they will find something that they like about each other. The Alt Lincoln has spiky cool hair and doesn’t wear glasses and the other one dresses well.

Is there anything you can tease about Peter’s transition back into the group?

He comes back in a very dramatic fashion. When I read it I thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cool.” That’s probably the most I can tease.

Are there going to be more moments between Alt Lincoln and Bolivia?

Anna and I have so much fun playing the two Alt characters because she sees it very much as a brother/sister relationship, so she’s very opening and welcome to the Lincoln character, and Alt Lincoln obviously has a really big crush on her, so the two end up having really weird chemistry. So every time we work together, there’s that balance where she’s happy to have someone to play with and I just want her to love me.

What about Alt Lincoln and our Olivia?

He’s very intrigued by her, because he doesn’t know much about her and she’s obviously another version of the woman he loves. So he’s titillated.

Not to imply that the Olivia’s are interchangeable, but could he date across universes?

I want the T-shirt for this season to be, “It’s not incest if it’s in a different universe,” which doesn’t really relate to that question, but I just thought I’d mention that. (Laughs) What was your question?

Can they date if they’re not in the same universe?

I think logistically it’s really difficult. That’s a real long distance relationship, but I think it’s possible. But there’s security. You’ve got to give your hand print each time…

Will we see Alt Lincoln on our side?

I would love to see Alt Lincoln on our side. I’d love to see how his mind is blown by what he sees here, like, “You guys made a fourth Indiana Jones? Why? We didn’t do that in our universe…” I’m not going to say any more about that. (Laughs)

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