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Ringer Spoiler: Did Henry Kill Gemma? Kris Polaha Says We’ll Find Out Soon!

We knew something was up when a sweaty, out-of-breath Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) answered the door at the end of this week's Ringer episode rather than a frazzled Gemma (Tara Summers), and sure enough, by the time the final credits rolled our jaws were on the floor.

If you're caught up by now, you know that it certainly looks very much like Henry offed his wife (with a lamp?) to prevent her from divorcing him and taking the kids. But Kris assures that all is not as it seems (because, duh, this is Ringer).

Gemma is officially missing, sure, but he dished that we won't see a body anytime soon and not to bank on her being dead. In fact, suspicion is even thrown on Bridget as the culprit in the upcoming episodes.

"The answers that are ahead will clarify whether or not Henry did whatever was done to Gemma, as well as what kind of character Henry is," Kris told TV Line.

Naturally, since the Martin/Butler foursome are quite the high society kids, it's conspicuous that Gemma is missing, and the police (and, of course, our fave FBI Agent Macado) become involved.

"There’s a scene in a future episode where Henry shows up at a big opening of a building Gemma designed, and the paparazzi are stalking him because it’s so high profile. It [felt] a little like the O.J. Simpson case," Kristoffer explained.

Plus, since the only person in Siobhan's life who now knows Bridget's true identity has gone missing, Kris cautioned us to keep in mind the bigger conspiracy going on.

OK, our heads are spinning and we definitely need more coffee to figure out where this one is going. Just when Ringer was becoming predictable …

Source: TV Line

10.13.2011 / 08:19 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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