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Jersey Shore

The 5 Most Awkward Work Moments of Jersey Shore

While the Jersey Shore cast is busy with endorsements and apperances, they aren't willing to show a hard work ethic at their faux workplaces during the show.

Since MTV made the them work the obligatory menial jobs under the guise of "earning" their room and board, the Jersey Shore cast tried to make it as entertaining as possible...which of course means doing as little work as possible. We sincerely hope MTV paid poor Danny, the Miami gelato guy, and the Italian pizzeria owner handsomely to wrangle the hungover, sweaty, booze-soaked Shore kids.

Here are our Top 5 worst work moments from Jersey Shore:

5. The Situation taking a nap with a beer in the Shore Store.
What better way to cure a hangover than a little hair of the dog? Remember the time The Sitch grabbed a beer and barricaded himself in the dressing room of the Shore Store for a little siesta in Season 3? Danny searched high and low for his AWOL employee, and he was right under his nose the whole time. Silly Danny, just follow the overpowering scent of Axe if you ever lose an employee again.

4. Recycling Bin Hide-Out.
The Meatballs have the unique advantage of being able to hide in small spaces, which is convenient when you'd rather be anywhere in the world other than under the watchful eye of your boss. Snooki and Deena, upon realizing that they fit perfectly under the recycling bins at the pizzeria, climbed into them to hide out and chat in Season 4. Their disguise, which reminded us of lazy little R2D2s, was successful for all of two minutes before an employee came to bust them. We don't know how she found them; their voices are so soothing and quiet.

3. A Wine in the Bathroom Break.
Sometimes, you really need to steal a bottle of white wine from your pizzeria of employment and guzzle it in the bathroom to get through the day. Hey, we feel you. But Snooki and Deena could possibly have thought of a better excuse for running into the bathroom for 20 minutes than screeching at the boss-man, "I'm on my periosa,” in Season 4. Especially when he can see you with a bottle of wine.

2. The Fossil Watch.
Is there anything better than your boyfriend showing up to your work with a bouquet of flowers and a profession of love? Yes. Your non-boyfriend-who's-pathetically-chasing-after-you showing up to the gelateria you work at with a Fossil watch. Remember the time Angelina's boy-toy Jose showed up in a suit to deliver the shmancy gift in Season 2? We'll just echo The Situation's sentiment: How much did that Fossil watch cost? $39.99? $49.99? The man should be smushed.

1. Snooki's day-drinking binge at the Shore Store.
How could we possibly choose a moment more shining than when Danny, in Season 3, sent Snooki to get a coffee to soothe her crippling hangover, and she opted, instead, for a Long Island Iced Tea...or ten. Her one drink turned into god only knows how many, because that particular binge was the catalyst for Snooki tearing down the boardwalk screaming "WHERE'S THE BEACH?!", face-planting in the sand, and, eventually, getting arrested for being criminally annoying. Best. Work day. Ever.