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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Who Should Be Ricky’s Best Man? You Tell Us!

Ricky needs to find himself a best man stat, because we are seriously concerned about him wandering around unsupervised at his wedding. Who knows what kind of depressing speeches he might give if someone doesn’t keep him in check!

Unfortunately, Ricky doesn’t exactly have a lot of friends, but we’ve managed to round up three possibilities for you to chose from!

Ben Boykewich: Ben and Ricky have gone through their ups and downs, but they always have each other’s backs! Howevs, it might be sort of awkward for Ben to be the best man at his ex-wife’s wedding …

Jack Pappas: So, Jack and Ricky don’t really talk or hang out, but they did have that one bonding session at the driving range where Ricky told Jack to shut up. That counts as biffles, right?

Baby John: We had our hearts set on Baber John being a ring bearer, but he might need to step things up and throw his dad a bachelor party.