Will Little J Return for Gossip Girl’s Big Day?
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Gossip Girl

Will Little J Return for Gossip Girl’s Big Day?

GG’s 100th episode won’t arrive until January, but our wheels (and surely yours!) are already turning on what could potentially go down! Last week executive producer Joshua Safran teased the landmark episode by saying it would revolve around a big event ― perhaps the biggest in Gossip Girl history, even! ― which may or may not involve guest stars...

But if you were holding your breath waiting on the return of Little J, it’s time to exhale. If Taylor Momsen is to be believed (and something tells us she’s talkin’ truth), you won’t be seeing the artist formerly known as Jenny Humphrey at the upcoming event. Currently out on tour with her band, The Pretty Reckless, Taylor told Hollywire that there is no appearance on deck for the anniversary ep, nor, it would seem, any time in the foreseeable future.

“I’m 100% music all the time right now,” Taylor said, also sharing that she hasn’t been able to keep up with the show while on tour ― for shame! (Though she DOES look to be keeping in touch with her former cast-mates, as Connor Paolo was spotted at her LA show on Tuesday, October 11!)

With Jenny out of the running, who do YOU think might make the trip to the Upper East Side ― or Monaco?? ― for the big occasion?

Sources: Hollywire, Hollywood Reporter

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