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America's Next Top Model

You Tell Us: Were You Offended by ANTM’s Use of Blackface?

As if America’s Next Top Model wasn’t already cringe-inducing enough, the show decided to take things up a notch by making some of the white modelstants don blackface for an homage to Michael Jackson in Cycle 17, Episode 5: “LaToya Jackson.

Allison, Shannon, and Lisa all donned various shades of blackface to channel ‘70s and ‘80s era MJ for a special photoshoot overseen by LaToya Jackson. Despite the fact that blackface is one of the most controversial topics in the African American community, none of the modelstants or judges said a peep about the potentially offensive photos. Maybe since the blackface was essentially bronzer overload, they felt it wasn’t truly offensive?

Did you think the blackface on ANTM was offensive? Vote in our poll below.