Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 13, Week 5 Sneak Peek: It’s ’80s Night!

Big hair. Bad clothes. Fun music. It’s ‘80s Week on Dancing With the Stars Season 13 and it should be … interesting. The dances for Week 5 are all over the place — the Rumba, Samba, Tango, Foxtrot and Jive. Check out what the couples told On the Red Carpet about their ‘80s Week routines.

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough, Foxtrot
Derek was born in 1985 so he's not as familiar with the 1980s as Ricki Lake, who was born in 1968. He dragged Ricki into the costume department to help him decide what's appropriate for them to wear next week.

"He knows lullabies from the '80s, he does not know anything else," Ricki said. "I know nothing," Derek admitted. "But you know what, it'll be fun and we're going to try to trot like foxes and Foxtrot to an '80s song." Ricki trusts Derek implicitly. He'll just tell her where to stand and how to move. That plan is working so far.

Chaz Bono & Lacey Schwimmer, Samba
Lacey's description for their song sounds a lot like the Rocky theme they just danced to, except for the "shy" part.

"This song is very popular," Lacey said. "It's very uplifting, it's very energetic. It's going to be fun. The song and the lyrics actually kind of describe Chaz being a little bit shy and breaking out of his shell. So we're going to go with that theme." They didn’t say it in the video, but according to Chaz’s Twitter they have the Samba. Chaz was a teenager in the '80s "so that's my era," he said. Lacey was born in 1988. Anyone else feel ancient now?

Hope Solo & Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Tango
Maks isn't much of a "themes" guy but he's running with it. In the video, he and Hope have a miscommunication over how — for once — *she* was right, not him. She had guessed that their Week 5 song was from the '80s and he was thinking it was from the '90s. When they’re told next week is about the '80s, Maks tries to tell Hope she was right. It goes over her head. Anyway, they have the Tango to Bon Jovi. "We're going to figure this out," Maks said.

J.R. Martinez & Karina Smirnoff, Samba
Ricki Lake joins J.R. and Karina in this video, which ends with J.R. making baby noises to describe what he was busy doing in the '80s. On Monday night they revealed that they would be dancing to the Samba, if they got through to Week 5. Now Karina gets to show off J.R.'s booty, which J.R. is only too happy to shake. "It's all about the booty, the hips and the pelvis," Karina said.

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Carson Kressley & Anna Trebunskaya, Jive
Anna said they'll dance a Jive to an '80s song and they kind of have an '80s twist that will take the dance to "another dimension." Carson added, "We're probably going to get perms." Carson was pretty nerdy in the '80s, wearing parachute pants and watching Saved by the Bell and Growing Pains. Anna is doing her '80s research, since she was born in 1980 and doesn't have the same references.

Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke, Rumba
Cheryl thought there were too many props for the movie scores theme week, but there shouldn't be too many effects for the '80s week. She was born in 1984 and Rob was born in 1987 so they don't exactly have sexy memories of the time period.

"We have to make a sexy Rumba," Cheryl said. "Even though our song may not be sexy we need to make it sexy." Rob needs to learn to move his hips slowly, which the dance demands. This could be sweet or it could be awkward. Awkward seems most likely at this point.

David Arquette & Kym Johnson, Tango
"It's '80s week and we're having a passionate love affair," Kym said. "It's like love/hate relationship next week for us." David & Kym told Access Hollywood they have the Tango, which certainly fits with the love/hate theme.

Nancy Grace & Tristan MacManus, Rumba
In the video the duo talk about how Tristan and Nancy are opposites — he’s funny and easy-going and Nancy is also funny but not easy-going at all. She doesn’t let anything slide. According to Nancy’s Twitter they have the Rumba next week. Nancy Grace and the dance of love … to an ‘80s theme? That should be interesting. You have to watch Tristan attempt to talk about the Rumba in this special video Nancy posted. Classic.

Source: On the Red Carpet