Guido University: Which Jersey Shore Stars Went to College?
Credit: Photo courtesy of Ian Spanier/ MTV    
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Jersey Shore

Guido University: Which Jersey Shore Stars Went to College?

While they are best known for getting drunk and acting wild on Jersey Shore, some of the macaroni rascals are surprisingly well-educated! A few of the cast members hold bachelor’s degrees while some have racked up associates degrees at local community colleges.

Can you guess who is the smartest cast-mate? Check out our rundown of the educational achievements of our favorite guidos.

It’s not surprising that the most reasonable castmember of Jersey Shore has gone to college — twice. She graduated with a degree in graphic design from New York Institute of Technology and holds another bachelor’s degree in computer programming. Not bad!

Vinny is the smartest boy of the Jersey Shore bunch. He graduated with a 3.9 GPA from CUNY Staten Island and applied to law school while filming the first season of Jersey Shore. The good grades shouldn’t be too shocking — Vinny’s the only castmember we’ve seen actually reading a book while filming.

The Situation
According to the man himself, The Sitch first attended Brookdale Community College and then transferred to Kean University and ultimately landed at Monmouth University. What did Mike study? Mortgages. Could you imagine The Situation approving your mortgage? Yikes. Thank god he found success in reality TV.

Sammi Sweetheart
When she first started filming Jersey Shore, Sammi was a senior studying sociology at William Paterson University in New Jersey. Sammi also played Division II soccer for her school. No word on if she ever graduated from WPU but we doubt she would give up on four years of school that easily. (Maybe this explains why we see so little of Sammi outside of Jersey Shore — she’s studying.)

We all know and love Snooki for her less-than-intelligent observations (“That’s why I don’t lobster or anything that’s alive when you kill it.”) but before she was on Jersey Shore, Snooks dipped her toe in higher education. Snooki studied to be a veterinary technician at Brookdale Community College and went on to work as a vet tech before getting scooped up by MTV.

Deena Nicole
Like Snooki, adorable Meatball #2 Deena studied at Brookdale Community College. (Maybe this is where the two friends met?) However, there is no info on what Deena studied at Brookdale or if she ever got her assosicate’s degree.

Pauly D
The info is light on Pauly’s educational background. According to his old MySpace page he is a college graduate but there is no info on what university he attended or what he studied.

Ronnie Magro
No amount of Google sleuthing could turn up any info on Ronnie’s hypothetical college education. According to Ron, he worked in real estate with his father before joining Jersey Shore, so maybe he didn’t need a degree to land a job with dear ol’ dad.

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