Joseph Morgan and Paul Wesley: Klaus Wants Stefan to Be His New Family
Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011    
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The Vampire Diaries

Joseph Morgan and Paul Wesley: Klaus Wants Stefan to Be His New Family

It seems Klaus and Stefan weren’t the only ones bonding this summer. Joseph Morgan and Paul Wesley are pretty big fans of one another, and they spoke with TV Guide about what makes Klaus tick and how Stefan fits into the Original Vampire’s life.

First of all, Klaus’ evil nature isn’t completely his fault. “He’s the product of a dysfunctional family,” Morgan explains. “The father of his siblings isn't his father — his mother had an affair with someone from a werewolf bloodline. So there's always been that feeling of not being loved as much as his siblings … Now he wants Stefan and this hybrid army to be his new family, to replace the love he's missing.” Unfortunately for the baddie, a certain doppelganger has put a huge damper on that plan.

While we know that Stefan and Klaus will be together for awhile, Paul and Joseph aren’t saying exactly when the bromance will end. “Am I going to get an Episode 13 breakup text from you?” Paul joked. “I won't do it by text,” Morgan promised.

As for whether Klaus could ever snag his own love interest, neither Wesley nor Morgan think there’s much room for romance in Klaus’ world. Still, it’s an interesting idea. Morgan says, “I wonder how Klaus would react to a romantic interest. He is an absolute self-involved egomaniac. But at least he is protective of his sister Rebekah [Claire Holt], so that's been a nice change.”

Well, if he’s too busy plotting in modern times, perhaps a flashback will show Klaus’ dating history. Maybe Marie Antoinette has a page in his little black book?

Source: TV Guide