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Dancing With The Stars

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Sounds Off on DWTS: I Feel Like We’re Losing Our Dignity

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is definitely feeling discouraged about Dancing With the Stars and his TV Guide blog on Season 13, Week 4 is filled with the evidence. Here are some highlights from the full post.

On judge Len Goodman's comment that Hope Solo isn't committing enough to the show: "The judges have no idea nor do they particularly care how much we rehearse. For him to say stuff like that, he was told to say it. I don't know what the point is, but it is what it is."

On the show losing its dignity: "I love the show. I think it is an amazing job. It's a great opportunity, a phenomenal platform for promoting what I love, but we're becoming a form of entertainment. I feel like we're losing a little bit of our dignity. I think we need to find a way to balance it out."

On his best friend leaving too soon: "Tony is upset, it kills me. He was so happy this season. He wanted to go all the way. He had an amazing dancer in Chynna. It feels like, there are some couples that do one tiny thing well, the judges glom to it. They love it. Then there are couples no matter what they do, one thing they miss on that is noticed, they harp on it."

On judge Carrie Ann Inaba not knowing what she's talking about: "J.R.'s dance was probably the best male foxtrot of the night. I thought it was phenomenal. For Carrie Ann to comment the way she did, we were like, ‘What is she talking about?’ I'm 31 years old. I've spent 27 of them ballroom dancing and I've spent the last five years doing the show and all types of dancing. I've done everything. I've done competitions, Broadway, TV, radio, producing, and teaching. I'm saying right now that Carrie Ann does not have more experience. If none of us know what she's talking about, then we have a problem. We had no idea what she was saying. The Pink Panther is a comedy! It was like, 'Where is this coming from?'"

On losing his own spark: "I feel like anything I say right now will sound like 'typical Maks.' The reality is I'm not angry about anything. I'm having an amazing time from every aspect. Some people say that I'm not having fun, that I'm not myself, or I'm not enthusiastic. You don't really know me, but looking back, I've realized that a spark is not there. [...] I'm the last one that's left that still believes I can win it. Our show is about dance. Sometimes being a good dancer helps and sometimes that doesn't help. Fans want to see somebody else stay longer because I don't know why. Better story? Better personality? They feel like they represent them. That discourages you. That discourages everyone."

Read the full blog for more (and trust us, there is a lot more!). It’s all pretty sad. Do you agree that the show has lost its way?

Source: TV Guide

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