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Pretty Little Liars

Who Is “A”? 6 Theories About Why Maya Might Be “A”

Let’s just say that figuring out who “A” is on Pretty Little Liars is not quite as easy as identifying the bad guy in an episode of Scooby-Doo. While there are any number of people who might be “A,” we’re starting to get awfully suspicious of Maya St. Germain (Bianca Lawson). Here are six reasons why Maya has become one of our prime suspect's for being “A.”

1. She’s had a fair amount of free time.
Emily (Shay Mitchell) clearly has no problem divulging all her secrets to Maya, and she even brought up how Paige tried to drown her before they started dating (which is not exactly a meet-cute). But why hasn’t Maya returned the favor and given much info about what exactly she’s was up to during her suspiciously long hiatus? We’re not asking her to provide a slide show of rehab pics, but we would like a bit more concrete info on what exactly she’s been up to.

2. These boots were made for stalkin’
We’ve never really known what “A” was doing with the boots that she bought at the end of “Never Letting Go” — that is, until Maya was wearing an almost-identical pair during the Season 2 finale. And why else would Hanna (Ashley Benson)comment on Maya’s boots if we weren’t supposed to notice them? Either Maya is up to no good, or else she and “A” just happen to have extremely similar tastes in footwear.

3. Talk about a fixer-upper!
That Dilaurentis house still has plenty of secrets — which is why Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) was so desperate to move back in — so the fact that Maya’s family chose to live there is definitely eyebrow-raising. Why else would a family choose to immediately move into a house that was the scene of a kidnapping (unless their real-estate agent was quite the smooth-talker)?

4. She still wants her space
We were heartbroken back when Maya and Emily had to break up back in Season 1 when Maya got shipped off to rehab. So now that Maya is back, it seems odd that she’s hesitant to restart the relationship. Could it be because she’s afraid of what Emily might find out? (And how could someone not love Emily? The girl’s freakin’ adorable — and it’s about time she caught a break in the romance department.)

5. A history of questionable behavior
We all know that she’s a troublemaker, since she was shipped off to rehab for smoking pot. So maybe there are other dark secrets that we have yet to uncover about her. Then again, most rebellious teens don’t have such impeccable taste in scarves.

6. She’s stayed under-the-radar
We don’t want to overthink things, but Maya seems like a perfect candidate for “A” in part because she isn’t a perfect candidate — or not an obvious one, at least. It seems that someone like Jenna is who the show wants us to believe is “A,” in order to throw us off the trail. Maya, on the other hand, has been on the show since Day One — making her a viable candidate for “A” — but she’s managed to not seem particularly guilty to any of the characters. Long story short, we’re keeping an eye on her — even if no one else is!

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