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You Tell Us: Which Hollywood Hunk Should Be Lea Michele’s Boyfriend?

Her TV character, Rachel Berry, might be dating footballer Finn Hudson — but Glee star Lea Michele is officially a single woman! Now, we know not everyone wants to be the Brangelinas or Gomez/Biebers of the world: but it’s still fun to imagine what Lea might be like as one-half of a Hollywood power couple.

For our dream scenario of celeb hookups, we’ve compiled the top four guys we’d love to see Lea end up with. Who is your top pick?

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Cory Monteith
Can you imagine how fans would respond if the real-life Finchel ever started dating? We’re pretty sure the entire Tumblr-verse would explode. Lea did recently tweet that Cory (Finn) is the best fake boyfriend ever. But could this Canadian cutie ever become the lovely Lea’s actual boyfriend? The jury’s still out on that one!

Zac Efron
Lea is set to make her big screen debut this December in New Year’s Eve, so it’s always possible that the film might end up playing real-life matchmaker! Her on-screen love interest, Ashton Kutcher, doesn’t have the best relationship rap right now — but perhaps something might be in the cards for Lea and another of the film’s sexy stars like...

Zac Efron! After starring in 2007’s Hairspray and all three of the High School Musical movies, Zac already has a background in singing and dancing. That’s definitely a bonus when courting a Broadway babe like Lea!

Darren Criss
Blaine’s kiss with Rachel last season was so good, it had the out-and-proud Warbler questioning if he really were gay, after all. But could sparks fly between Lea and Darren off-screen, too? These two do share a love of musical theater. Lea’s a seasoned Broadway veteran, while theater kid Darren is set to make his Broadway debut this winter. That certainly could bring them together!

One glaring problem: Is Darren even single? We’re still not sure about the status of his relationship with his rocker chick maybe-GF. That could definitely put a wrench in things.

Vinny Guadagnino
Lea’s already dished that Jersey Shore is one of her favorite TV shows to watch — so why not set her up with one of the cast? We’ve always had a thing for mama’s boy Vinny, especially with the way he comforted Snooki after her boyfriend, Jionni, stormed out. And while Vinny definitely knows how to have fun, he’s also got a sweet side.

Plus, Lea has more in common with The Shore than you’d think! Not only is she part Italian, but the Glee gal was born in Tenafly, New Jersey. And Vinny’s hometown is in NYC, the beloved city where Lea lived and worked for years. Seriously, somebody needs to make this relationship happen!

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