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The Vampire Diaries

7 Things You Need to Know About Sebastian Roche, Who Plays Mikael, the Undead Vampire Hunter on The Vampire Diaries

Little did we know when Mikael walked into that ‘20s speakeasy from behind a barrage of bullets, he was destined to be such a central figure in Season 3. Okay, we have our theories about who Mikael the vampire who hunts vampires is, but we’re also curious about the man under all those chains and dry skin. Here are some salient facts about Sebastian Roché, who will be hunting down the Originals in Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries.

7. Il est Français
Since Mikael hasn’t uttered many words yet — and those were in an American accent — you may not know that Roché is French. He was born in Paris in 1964.

6. Speaking of French
The multi-lingual Sebastian can parle more than français; he speaks English, Spanish, and Italian fluently. Hopefully he’ll use his vocal talents on some upcoming TVD episodes.

5. He’s a cat lover
When Sebastian appeared at Spain’s Rising Con 2011, someone asked what his favorite sound in the world is. The romantic Roché replied that he likes to hear the sound of the person he loves breathing as she sleeps next to him. “Usually it’s my cat. I love cats,” said Sebastian. (He’ll fit in well with the rest of animal-loving TVD cast.)

4. He’s supernatural
Okay, not really, but he is drawn to the genre. He’s had roles on Supernatural and Fringe, and now he’s playing a vampire. Prior to that, Roché played a terrorist on the soap General Hospital.

3. Political player
Sebastian was outspoken on his Twitter in his support of the Occupy Wall Street movement, even if it made some of his followers uncomfortable. When someone requested he tone it down, Sebastian answered back with a “it’s called free speech darling.” How can you argue with someone who calls you darling?

2. Hiya, sailor
As a teenager, Roché and his parents lived on a sailboat and traveled all around the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Caribbean. This basically makes him the coolest person ever.

1. He’s enthusiastic
Politics isn’t the only thing Sebastian’s been tweeting about. He’s also very excited about his role on The Vampire Diaries and continually tweets about the amazing things that are happening on set. (For example, on October 12, he wrote, “Epic day of shooting yesterday, truly epic, the worst/best is yet to come as someone said....”) Frankly, it’s making us crazy waiting for him to show up again. Definitely follow him @sebroche if you can stand the anticipation.

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10.15.2011 / 05:29 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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