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Dancing With The Stars

Exclusive! Sasha Farber: There Are No DWTS Season 13 On-Set Romances

Dancing With the Stars troupe member Sasha Farber may be a troupe newbie in Season 13, but he's quickly won our hearts with his cute Aussie accent and amazing dance moves. So we were naturally excited to get a chance to chat with him last week about the Dancing With the Stars experience.

We've already posted Part 1 of our interview, where Sasha opens up about being in the troupe and his friend Tristan MacManus. In this newest installment of the interview, Sasha talks about the Season 13 contestants, meeting the stars, and all those pesky romance rumors flying around.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We hear the DWTS cast is very close this year. How does the troupe fit into that picture?
Sasha Farber: We always rehearse in the same place, we're always there together for camera blocks and this and that. We see each other quite a lot. Just the other day David Arquette invited us over to his house and we all had a barbecue, and then he took us to Universal Studios, which was awesome. Everyone's really, really supportive of everyone else. When we come in on Mondays or Tuesdays for a camera check or blocking, everyone's always there watching and cheering the person on the dance floor. It's a healthy competition. It's not one of those where people go behind people's backs. It's really good.

Do you have any prediction for who will win DWTS Season 13?
That's a tough one! I'm such good friends with everyone that I don't want to say — I think everyone's so focused and dedicated now, it's hard to say. One week could be this way, and the next week could be a complete swing-over.

How did you react to Kristin Cavallari's elimination during Week 3 — that was a surprise for a lot of viewers.
We were shocked. Mark Ballas is such a character on the show — he's an awesome dancer — and Kristin was also an awesome, awesome dancer. That's what I mean — you can have a winner, and then it can completely turn around. It's just such a shame, they would have had so much more entertainment value to show later on. At the same time, it's a competition, someone has to go home, and every Tuesday there's going to be someone who's sad. That's what everyone signed up for.

The worst part of it is the rehearsal period before the show starts. Everyone gets really close and friendly, and they kind of become your family. And then you just don't see them, and it's like — “Wow.”

What was it like to open the show on Monday [during Week 4]?
We opened the show on Monday, and it was awesome because the first thing I saw when we came out and I looked to my right — I was like "sh*t, is that Cher?" Which was awesome. And Courteney Cox was there. I asked [David] if I could have a photo with Courteney Cox and he was like "Yeah, sure." She was so nice. I spoke to her — it was really, really good.

As a professional dancer, and someone who has been on a DWTS show as a competitor [on the Australian version], do you tend to agree or disagree with the judges?
It goes both ways. The judges know what they're doing, they're there for a reason. It's also television, so it's gotta be controversial. But I agree with the judges — it's like any sport, if you're told to do something, you do it.

There are constantly romance rumors surrounding DWTS. How do those of you involved with the show feel about them — are they funny, or annoying?
I always think rumors are just rumors until you actually see it or hear it for yourself. But that's just life, really: rumors, rumors, rumors. You always hear stories, and I believe until you see it for your own eyes there's nothing really you can say. I can pretty much say that I don't think there are any relationships on this season. I think it's pretty clean.

So Rob Kardashian wasn't being entirely honest with his hint about a married star having an affair with their pro?
Yeah, he was joking. Rob's such a nice guy.

Do you have anything else you wanted to say?
Just that I'm having so much fun with the troupe. And everyone in the actual company, and the people that we don't see around, like the camera guys and all that, work so, so hard to get the product to what it is, and it's just an honor to be working with them.

For more Sasha, follow him on twitter at @SashaFarber, and tune in to Dancing With the Stars Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC!

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