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Hart of Dixie Season 1, Episode 4: “In Havoc and in Heat”: Everything You Need to Know!

On tonight’s episode of Hart of Dixie, Blue Bell is hit with a heatwave that gives the Southern city's citizens carte blanche to do all kinds of crazy things — including giving in to their repressed desires. For Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson), will that mean going after "Mr. Moral Code" George Tucker (Scott Porter) or the morally ambiguous Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)?

Well, you'll just have to wait and see! But to tide you over, we’ve got the scoop on what’s coming up on The CW’s newest drama.

At a recent screening of "In Havoc and in Heat," Wetpaint Entertainment got a chance to talk to Scott and Wilson, as well as their costars, Jaime King (Lemon Breeland) and Cress Williams (Lavon Hayes), and creator Leila Gerstein about these crazy small-town love formations (equilateral love triangles, as Leila calls them) — and which boy we should be rooting for.

"There’s so much that would have to happen for George and Zoe to be together," reveals Scott, whose character is still very much engaged to Lemon — who is secretly pining for Lavon. "But I’m sure a storm is coming."

And whichever love match you’re rooting for, creator Leila Gerstein says you’ve got a 50/50 chance of getting your way.

"My hope is that half of our audience is rooting for Zoe to be with George, and half of our audience is rooting for Zoe to be with Wade," says Leila. "I think that you will not be disappointed if you’re rooting for [either]."

That’s not to say Zoe Hart isn’t headed for a love square.

"We are giving her a third potential love interest," reveals Leila. "Not that soon, but in a few episodes or so."

Because Blue Bell is a town where every person is somehow connected to every other character, no life-altering moves have taken place just yet, nor are they expected to in the short term.

"These people see each other every day, and it’s not a situation where you can make a snap judgment or make a decision and have that be the end of it," says Scott. "When you live in such close proximity to somebody, it’s going to hang there — and it’s not just with Lemon and Lavon; you’ll see George and Zoe make some decisions, [as well]."

And although the characters may not be getting together under the covers, that doesn’t mean they won’t be getting into trouble. Because there’s no such thing as a stranger in Blue Bell, viewers can look forward to upcoming scenes where even the most unlikely of characters get together for high-jinks.

"Up until this point, I’ve had minimal interaction with George and Lemon, but we’ve got a great episode where the three of us are getting into some crazy antics together," says Wilson.

"It was a dynamic between the three of us that I never even thought was a possibility," adds Jaime. "Wilson and I were very much like brother/sister, [with a] fun-but-at-each-other relationship. It was exciting to discover that."

"The beautiful thing about the show is the speed at which we move. It’s a little bit slower, but we pull back the curtain and say, ‘This is how Wade and George grew up together,’" says Scott. "That’s what keeps it interesting for us."

If Scott Porter has any complaints at all, it’s about his self-imposed workout regime. "I thought I was done working with the Taylor Kitschs of the world, and then I have to take my shirt off in the same episode as these two maniacs," sighs the more-than-adequately ripped actor. "These guys never wear a shirt!"

We think we hear the world’s smallest violin playing. And, on that note, can we get a one-way ticket to Blue Bell, please?

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