Ringer Exclusive: Billy Miller on Charlie’s Secret Agenda
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Ringer Exclusive: Billy Miller on Charlie’s Secret Agenda

The last time we saw Bridget Kelly's (Sarah Michelle Gellar) Narcotics Anonymous sponsor Malcolm Ward (Mike Colter) on Ringer, he was getting tortured and shot up with junk

So who's Bridget to turn to for support? Well, now she's got a hunky new AA shoulder to lean on in Charlie (Billy Miller). But, hey, isn’t that a little convenient in this twisty world of twins and murder?

We caught up with Billy Miller — who also plays Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless — to find out just what oh-so-helpful Charlie’s got up his sleeve.

In our exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview, Billy reveals that at least two of Shivette’s many worlds will collide when Charlie meets another major character, weighs in on the possibility of things heating up between Bridget and Charlie, and shares his thoughts on the “mischievous” SMG!

Wetpaint Entertainment: How many episodes will you be in?

Billy Miller: I don’t know. I don’t know when the writers are going to finish up, but we’re still rolling around right now.

Bridget seems like she's looking for support, and now that Malcolm is gone, will she lean on Charlie more?

Well, she had an almost-lapse with her narco addiction and she goes to a sort of far off AA meeting and, lo and behold, there’s Charlie, a nice guy looking to help her out. And why not?

Ringer Exclusive: Billy Miller on Charlie’s Secret Agenda
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Every character on this show seems to have an unknown agenda. What do you think Charlie's is?

That’s a good question and a good observation. Most of the show it seems like nobody is who they say they are. I think we’re going to have to sit around and watch everybody’s secret motivations, especially Charlie’s. But I guarantee you it’s a good one.

Bridget's last sponsor is getting drugged and beaten up — is that something Charlie will have to worry about?

I hope not, because that looks like it’s hard to do.

What's the primary difference between working on a daytime soap and a primetime show?

We move so fast in the soap opera world. We shoot more than one show a day now and we work four days a week. The pace is very rough.

You know, Sarah is from the soap world and there’s this sort of ethic where you can come in and you get to play as much as time allows, which is a lot of fun.

It’s interesting, primetime has adopted that daytime sort of freedom of ensemble casts and long period storylines. It makes it easier to move from one to another and I was lucky enough to do both.

Some days I shot on both shows. It’s going to be fun to be on one show in the morning and another at night.

Ringer Exclusive: Billy Miller on Charlie’s Secret Agenda
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What’s it like working with SMG?

She’s awesome. She’s a huge part of the reason I have this job. And apparently her mother watched Y&R and that helped a lot [Laughs].

She’s super sweet and we had a lot of fun. She’s mischievous. She’s probably the most guy-ish on the show in terms of having a good time. I remember walking into my trailer and there are pictures of Justin [Bruening, who plays Tyler] in a towel. Everyone’s toilets were covered in pictures of Justin in a towel just to say hello.

I got along great. I’m almost convinced that the reason I have a cold is that she somehow found a way to give me one just to pull a prank.

Do you have scenes with any of the other cast members?

I did get to work with Ioan [Gruffudd, Andrew Martin]. So far I’ve gotten to see a lot of folks. It’s a great cast with some extremely strong actors, who are really great to hang out with.

It’s a fun set, so much fun. They’re great. They work all day long and there’s a lot of long nights, which is always fun to see.

What do you think the chances are of a romance between Bridget and Charlie?

Oh … There’s always a chance. At least that’s what I tell myself. There’s always a chance with every girl I meet. [Laughing] Just tell me there’s a chance!

Were you a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan?

Absolutely. I mean, come on!

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