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Most Eligible Dallas

Rumor Update: Matt Nordgren & Taylor Armstrong Are Actually Dating?

In the Most Eligible Dallas Season 1 finale, we saw Matt Nordgren and Courtney Kerr finally take the first steps towards turning their relationship romantic. But that final episode, with the kisses and the promises of something more, was filmed months ago, and since then rumors having been flying about a potential love connection between Matt and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong.

So what's the deal? Did Matt and Courtney's budding relationship fail, and is it Taylor's fault? Well, neither Matt nor Taylor are spilling the details yet, but there were definitely some interesting hints dropped when Matt and Courtney were on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen following the MED finale.

When Andy asked Courtney if Matt had messed things up with her because of his inability to commit and perhaps if there was really something going on with Taylor, she responded with "Are you a psychic?" Matt did nothing to deny it, either.

On top of that, when Matt tried to claim he and Taylor were just friends, Court cut in with "perception is reality" — the exact words she used to insist that Neill Skylar and Matt were dating when he was in denial about that relationship. And guess what? Courtney was right back then. When Matt says he and a girl are "just friends," he does not mean what the rest of the world means.

Oh yeah, and then there's this: RadarOnline is reporting that a source close to Taylor has confirmed the relationship. In fact, although the pair are reportedly "taking things slow," the source says that "Taylor is telling her close friends that she is in love with Matt."

Watch out, Taylor. If there's one thing watching Most Eligible has taught us, it's that Matt hates commitment.

Source: Radar Online