What Happened Between Tara Harper & Jody Dean After Most Eligible Dallas?
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Most Eligible Dallas

What Happened Between Tara Harper & Jody Dean After Most Eligible Dallas?

For weeks we watched bumbling but apparently well-meaning Jody Dean woo adorable dog lover Tara Harper on Most Eligible Dallas Season 1. Just when we thought things might work out for Tara and her formerly soul-patched beau, the show threw a giant wrench in the works at the last second, when Tara learned that Jody was less divorced and more still married. Serious shocker.

So what happened? Did the pair work it out, or did Tara dump Jody for good after getting the news? Well, if her Twitter is anything to go by, she definitely said goodbye. Here are some of the conversations she had after the finale aired:

Twitter user carriexxxooo: @TaraHarper01 HOLY CRAP MARRIED????????????
@TaraHarper01: @carriexxxooo yup! I am still in shock! Xoxo

Twitter user sooch_says: @TaraHarper01 hey doll What's a good fun place to go on a date in Dallas? Going to be there next weekend :) thanks!
@TaraHarper01: @sooch_says clearly I'm not an expert on meeting eligible men!

Tara’s co-star and BFF Courtney Kerr also told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that Tara and Jody are “no longer speaking,” so it sounds like the pair definitely parted ways for good.

Of course, what we want to know is if Jody's marriage was a technicality — maybe they were on a path to divorce but just didn't have all the papers signed — or if he and his wife were still together. Deets!

Either way, we wish Tara well in her continued search for love!

Source: Twitter