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4 Burning Questions From Castle Season 4, Episode 5: “Eye of the Beholder”

After every episode of Castle, we’re often left bewildered, taken aback, and loaded with a ton of unanswered questions (usually including why Nathan Fillion (Castle) isn’t 10 years younger and living in our apartment building. Just us?).

The addition of a sexy, saucy “other woman” in Season 4, Episode 5: “Eye of the Beholder,” inspired quite a few burning questions for the Wetpaint crew. Peep our top 4 Q’s from this week’s eppy!

4. Serena Kaye: One-Time Visitor?
At first we were under the impression our super sexy guest star, The Killing’s Kristin Lehman aka Serena Kaye, was sticking around. Then, we learned she was only scripted in to one episode. Now, since the “Fist of Capitalism” was found — and Beckett was called out on her feelings — does that mean Serena Kaye’s work is done in the 12th precinct?

We think it probably is, but we must admit, she was pretty entertaining (if a little overzealous and under-dressed). And we don’t doubt Beckett will need another reminder later in the season that Castle might not wait around for her forever. (Even if he probably will.) Maybe she’ll decide to shack up in her swanky NYC hotel a few more weeks?

3. Is Castle Still a Player?
OK, we don’t want to admit it, but things were pretty steamy between Rick Castle and one Serena Kaye. So was the spur-of-the-moment hallway kiss really all for show?

We have a hard time believing former playa-playa Rick Castle didn’t want to lock lips with the former thief at least once. And if he can develop feelings for someone else — so quickly, no less — what does that say about his feelings for Beckett? Maybe he’s just being a guy, but we think he better lock that ish up if he wants to win over his brown-eyed babe.

Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

2. Will Beckett Have a Change of Heart?
Beckett morphed into a hardcore green-eyed monster this episode, thanks in no small part to brazen blonde and art insurance investigator Serena Kaye. Serena made it very clear she was out to find more than just a missing piece of art — she wanted Castle. Hard. But when all was said and done, Serena walked away.

So, did the close call spark a change in Beckett? Like, does she finally wanna (wo)man up to her feelings? We hope!

Of course, there’s also the chance Castle’s excessive instant-obsession with Serena could have the opposite affect: it could make Beckett think he’s still a womanizer. She obvi has issues trusting him, and his little fling with Serena could signal a red flag for our detective darling.

We can’t wait to see how — or if — she keeps it together around Castle next week.

And finally...
1. Will Captain Gates Ever Go By Anything Other Than "Sir"?
‘Cause frankly, we giggle every time the word comes out of Beckett’s mouth. Is this woman for real?

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10.20.2011 / 12:03 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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