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Most Eligible Dallas

Matt Nordgren Denies Allegations of Violent Past

Most Eligible Dallas' Matt Nordgren has recently been accused of having something of a violent past, thanks to an alleged arrest in 2003 for damaging a fellow student's car while attending the University of Texas Austin. He ended up settling for $1000.

Today, Matt opened up to RumorFix about the event, denying that it had anything to do with anger management or violence problems. Matt explained that yes, he did kick the car as reported, but only after the driver almost ran him over, so he was understandably upset. When the driver got out of his car, a friend there with Matt also knocked his cell out of his hand, but according to Matt that was the extent of the so-called violence.

“We didn’t hit him,' Matt told RumorFix. "My hand never touched any part of his body. I never got arrested. I never got charged with anything.”

In fact, Matt is so non-violent that he's almost not man enough for Texas: "A man should get in a fight some time in his life. A man from Texas should go hunting — I haven’t even done those things!"

If Matt's version of things are correct, it seems like his "violent" past is nothing more than a small misunderstanding.

Source: RumorFix