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The X Factor

Swan Song: L.A. Reid’s Bizarre Indulgence for “Judges’ Houses”

Now look: when you have people as fabulously famous and successful as the judges on The X Factor, you can expect them to have some pretty impressive digs (as confirmed in the two-part “Judges’ Homes” episodes). But apparently, one of the four wasn’t satisfied with his place, so he saw fit to give the other three the competitive bird...indeed, a whole flock of them!

That’s right: Boys’ mentor L.A. Reid decided to spiff up his Sagaponack estate with a truckfull of swans, majestically gliding across the lake. Sounds great, right?


Unfortunately, Swan Lake quickly turned into a scene from The Birds, a source told the New York Post, revealing that the crazed creatures “were running around, flapping their wings and causing chaos... [T]he crew joined in chasing them around, but the swans preferred the pool” to the lake.

Fortunately, Reid himself kept his cool. In fact, much like us, he found this fowl-up hilarious — certainly more hilarious that that terrible pun.

Source: New York Post

10.20.2011 / 03:04 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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