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The Secret Circle

Diana Dumps Adam! 5 Biggest OMG Moments From The Secret Circle, Season 1, Episode 6: “Wake!”

Set your stud radar to “red alert” because there’s a new hottie on The Secret Circle, and he has us jaw-dropping every time he comes on screen! Almost all our OMG moments this week revolved around Jake and his oozing manliness, so check out the top 5 from The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 6: “Wake”!

5. Cassie’s All-Powerful!
Grandma Jane (Ashley Crow) chose to drop this bomb on Cassie (Britt Robertson) right before school like it ain’t no thing. Basically, Cassie was told she’s Harry Potter. You guys, she’s the girl who lived. We don’t even know how she’s going to begin to handle this without Hagrid and his flying motorcycle, but hopefully a few make out sessions with Jake will help.

4. Adam Punches Jake!
Oh, Adam (Thomas Dekker)!. It’s so sweet that he thought he could have a fist fight! It almost makes us love him even more. Some advice: If Adam’s going to hit a perfect leather-clad specimen, he should take off the skinny tie and matching skinny jeans. They’re probably what impeded him from actually landing a punch on Jake’s perfect jaw.

3. Cassie and Jake Kill Simone!
Here’s what went down: Jake and Simone did their best impression of a fight-scene and rolled around on the cement grunting. Meanwhile, Cassie lurked in the shadows with her crystal rock and used her powers to disarm Simone. A few scratches and kicks later, and Simon was dead with a knife in her chest while Adam and Jake enjoyed a flirty convo as though they hadn’t just killed someone.

2. Jake’s A Witch Hunter!
Just as we were getting ready to peel Nick’s posters off our bedroom ceiling and replace them with blown-up stills from Chris Zykla’s shirtless video, Jake had to go and turn evil on us. Apparently, he’s working for a group of small-time mob bosses who lurk in the bowels of boats and kill witches for fun. That’s right, Jake’s so studly and traumatized that he’s trying to kill his own kind. No wonder Adam’s jealous – he doesn’t stand a chance against this self-hating heart-throb.

1. Diana (Shelley Hennig) Breaks Up With Adam!
We knew this day was coming, we just didn’t know how sad we’d be about it. Poor Diana is head-over-heels in love with her boyfriend, Adam, but after weeks of putting up with him staring moony-eyed at Cassie she’s had enough. This week, Diana broke up with Adam in a fit of tears while he ruffled his eyes brows in horror – but we can’t help but think she made a mistake taking love advice from the town drunk/aspiring astrologer.

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10.21.2011 / 10:43 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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