Exclusive: Bre Scullark Explains Her Bizarre Departure From ANTM All-Stars
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America's Next Top Model

Exclusive: Bre Scullark Explains Her Bizarre Departure From ANTM All-Stars

Fan-favorite Bre Scullark was the latest All-Star to go home when Tyra and friends cut her last night on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17, Episode 6. After a “bitch fight” shoot that left supermodel Coco Rocha shaken, Bre left as soon as she heard the decision — depriving Tyra of the opportunity to bestow her timeless wisdom on the Cycle 5 veteran. In an exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview, Bre explains her hasty exit, how she’s changed since her first time on ANTM, and tells us why this season’s makeover could’ve hurt her career.

What was with your abrupt departure from the judges panel after her elimination?
I wanted to make sure I left Top Model with closure and feeling complete and whole, and confident about my decision to be on the show. I accepted that I was eliminated but I didn’t want Tyra to have told me what I could have done to stay because there is no coming back, unless she brings me back for another cycle. I just didn’t want to keep with me the reason I didn’t win America’s Next Top Model the second time around. I can accept and feel comfortable with being eliminated but it kind of hurts to have something linger on in your mind afterward on why you didn’t win, and that I didn’t want. But it wasn’t anything personal to Tyra or any of the other judges. I accept their decision.

Do you think being older and wiser this time around hurt you on the show? The judges seemed to take issue with you being more reserved.
I think the judges wanted what they had on Cycle 5, but it was just one of those things that it wasn’t possible for me to give. I’m the same person, however my life experience is different and my professionalism is something that I feel like I’ve grown over the years. So I couldn’t give them what I was before because, you know, I’m not nineteen anymore.

You were the most upset with your makeover this time around, have you since grown out your hair?
I am letting my hair grow out. I think my main concern was that as a model you’re a template. You have to be consistent in your look. And so to have a makeover that drastically changes it, I think I was just very nervous with what my agency was going to say. I definitely didn’t want to jeopardize my Garnier contract, most importantly.

What did you make of Nicki Minaj’s comments on your hair in the first episode?
I respect everybody’s opinions about what they think would be the best for me, but ultimately I thought that it was just a fair opinion and it was hers. I respect it.

How would you compare All-Stars to your cycle?
I feel All-Stars was a lot different, especially for me. I felt more comfortable with myself and more comfortable with my work. I was a lot more confident in what I can produce. That doesn’t mean you don’t take a bad shot or every shot is amazing, but it was just a level of comfort knowing that I can deliver. Unfortunately I did go home last night but I feel like, overall, I did really, really well for myself this time around.

You mentioned that you were coming back to finish what you started. Are you satisfied?
Everybody’s objective for going on the show is different. I wanted to make sure that it was a balance of me being myself and me giving the judges what they needed. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t in the house competing, that the only competition I needed to focus on was how I could be a better me. Each time we had a photo shoot, each time we had a challenge, I wanted to make sure that I was always committing 100 percent. I have to tell you that I’m really happy about what I produced.

What’s next for you?
I’m happy to say that my Garnier contract was renegotiated, so you’ll definitely be able to see the ad and commercial campaign around a little longer. And of course we have [a guest starring role on] CSI which I’m really, really excited about, airing soon. Also I have a sitcom coming out on Thanksgiving that I shot with Tyler Perry. It’s called For Better or Worse starring Tasha Smith and Michael J. White. And then I have just wrapped up my Old Navy holiday commercial, which comes out this holiday season.

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