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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Season 4 Reunion Show Recap: Snooki Attacks the Cast

It feels like Season 4 of Jersey Shore went by in a flash (read our recap of the finale here), but here we are again, gathered with the macaroni rascals on yet another reunion show.

Let's cut to the chase. While we didn't exactly get any behind-the-scenes scoop this time around, we did get commentary on some of the most unforgettable moments of the season, plus a few priceless outtakes we missed out on. Snooki comes out the gate super-defensive towards The Situation and sort of childishly won't let him get a word in when it's his turn to speak, and, honestly, he wasn't even trying to blow up her spot. They weren't even talking about the alleged phantom blow job yet!

But, host Amy Paffrath takes the opportunity to bring The Sitch and Snooki down to the special guest couch and dive right in. We're not quite sure how, but Snooki goes from perfectly pleasant to screaming at the entire cast that they're all terrible friends except for Deena. Uh, whoa.

JWOWW shuts that down real quick, reminding Snooki who chased after her BF at four in the morning and convinced him to come back to see her one last time. Snooki keeps lashing out and Vinny correctly calls her out on coming off as super guilty.

Next, we move on to Deena, who takes us through a montage of her sapphic Italian adventure. The boys just didn't cut it for D in Italy, and there's no shame in admitting to everyone that her tryst with Ericawas the best thing that happened there. Well, maybe a little shame...
Sigh. Poor Erica.

The Meatballs busted out their ear-splitting Flo and Nancy routine, at which Ronnie threatened to walk off the set if it continued. They quickly dropped it and we cut to a montage of Meatball shenanigans that mostly consisted of drunken toppling and lots of shouting. But they also called the other roommates boring and effectively yelled at Jenni for generously being their babysitter for six weeks lest the booze-soaked brats got themselves deported. What's up with the JWOWW vitriol, Snooks?

Pauly and Vinny track their bromance through the season, while host Amy somewhat obnoxiously went digging for the cast members to say something scandalous about how deep it really went. Which like, no, Amy, they're just besties. Let it go.

Ronnie has a pretty good attitude after we watched a montage of him swagger-jacking Pauly D. He admits he stole his dope diamond chains from Pauly, and occasionally a few Pauly-isms, but Mike accurately points out that Ronnie came up with smush, which is just about as iconic a Jersey Shore-ism as you can get, so, no hate.

And, of course, we relived that memorable fight in which The Situation knocks himself out, and continues to defend himself by insisting that he didn't realize walls in Italy were made of stone. Yeah, because that gets you off the hook.

Jenni and Sam were curiously left out of the featured segments and zzzzzzz...

Oh, sorry! They were so boring we feel asleep for a second. Actually, they were two of our favorites this season, with JWOWW finally standing up to Snooki's antics, and Sammi actually producing some hilarity when she wasn't sobbing in sweatpants. But, of course, this was too subtle for MTV producers to make a montage out of, so left out of the clip show they were. Sorry, girls! Try to be more annoying next season!

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