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Glee’s Top 5 Klaine Moments So Far — Which Is YOUR Fave?

Blaine might not be in the adorable Dalton jacket anymore, but that doesn’t mean that he and Kurt aren’t as cute as ever on Glee! In fact, it’s not easy to pick our favorite moments of theirs, considering they keep piling on the awesome scenes with each new Season 3 episode.

That said, we’ve managed to narrow down our top five Klaine moments that made us swoon — and realize these two are totally meant to be. (Take THAT, maneater!)

5. Kurt says, “I’ll never say goodbye to you”; we sob for a week straight

(Season 2, Episode 18: “Born This Way”)
In general, it’s a safe bet that a scene featuring Klaine will make us cry faster than if we were chopping onions, and this scene — with the Warblers serenading Kurt goodbye — is no exception. We’re gonna hold Kurt to his promise to never say goodbye to Blaine.

4. Kurt says it with flowers

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(Season 3, Episode 3: “Asian F”)
Kurt congratulates Blaine on his school musical audition with a bouquet of flowers — despite his heartbreak over losing the lead role — proving once and for all that he’s a front-runner for the title of World’s Greatest Boyfriend. And Blaine’s response — with that line about Kurt zagging instead of zigging — was too too much. Just when we think that these two can’t be any cuter, they go and prove us wrong.

3. The first meet: Dalton dream

(Season 2, Episode 6: “Never Been Kissed”)
We’ve witnessed countless cute moments between these two, but that very first scene in which they meet on the stairwell — followed by their blissful, hand-in-hand run en route to the spectacular performance of “Teenage Dream” — still remains etched in our memories. Normally, we can’t advocate running in the halls, but this time we’ll make an exception.

2. It’s official: They’re in love!

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(Season 2, Episode 22: “New York”)
What a way to end the season! Blaine took us by complete surprise after Nationals when he told Kurt that he loved him, and then Kurt returned the favor. This was quite a joyful moment, and let’s face it — after New Directions’ embarrassing twelfth-place finish, we needed something to help turn our frowns upside down.

1. The kiss heard ‘round the world!

(Season 2, Episode 16: “Original Song”)
Every time we list our favorite moments from these two, this kiss ends up at number one — and it’s not hard to see why. After Kurt had become resigned to the fact that he and Blaine just weren’t meant to be, Blaine surprisingly changes his tune (so to speak), telling Kurt, “Oh, there you are,” before leaning in for the smooch. *Chills*

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