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7 Things You Need To Know About Ringer’s Jason Dohring!

Hands up if you’re hot for teach!

Jason Dohring is making his long-awaited return to The CW as Juliet’s sexy teacher, Mr. Carpenter, on Ringer — and we give his performance an A+.

Check out 7 fun facts about Jason … you never know when a Wetpaint Pop Quiz might get thrown you way!

1. His dad owned Neopets!

Remember back in the early 2000s when all the cool kids had a digital pet on the computer? Jason’s dad, Doug Dohring, owned the wildly popular Neopets website and sold it to Viacom for $160 million!

2. He has two sets of identical twins!

Jason is the older brother to not one, but two sets of identical twins — Kristen, Kelsey, Robert and Johnathan! That’s right, he’s living in a Stephen King novel.

3. He’s a married man!

Jason and his wife Lauren Kutner sealed the deal on July 31, 2004 and have been in wedded bliss ever since. The happy couple welcomed a son, Owen Riley Dohring in 2010!

4. He loves skiing and snowboarding!

Jason is a self-described expert skier who also loves other outdoorsy activities. You know what that means, ladies: We’ve got a secret six-pack on our hands!

5. He was on Veronica Mars!

Jason is best known for playing Veronica’s troubled and popular boyfriend/arch nemesis, Logan Echolls, on The CW’s hit Veronica Mars. Sigh, we remember their first kiss like it was yesterday!

6. His favorite movie is Crash!

Jason loves going to the movies just like us plebes! He says, “It changed my life that movie. You see that movie and it starts out with all this racism and goes through to the end and that final shot man when, it’s like you come through all this and then these two people get in a car accident and he pulls back the camera to reveal and then they start doing the same thing all over again after all that stuff happened, I learned from that, man. I didn’t even know that I had something to learn.”

7. He loves to drop the F-bomb!

Jason admits that he swears like a sailor on set — or, at least he did back in the good ol’ VM days. "I probably say ‘f**k’ a lot more than anybody else on the set. After a take, it'd be like: Cut – 'f**k' – Print – 'F**K!'” Sigh, no wonder the ladies love him!

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