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Pretty Little Liars

Does Ali Have a Secret Twin?

Is Pretty Little Liars about to reveal if two Alis are better than one? As you may know, Ali has a twin named Courtney DiLaurentis in the book series, and let’s just say that Ali and Courtney don’t get along as well as the twins in a Doublemint gum ad. However, it has never been clear that the twin plotline would be used on the show... until last week’s episode, that is!

The first obvious allusion to Ali having a twin in “The First Secret” was that killer-twin story she told to Hanna and the young boy they were babysitting. According to Ali’s story, one twin stabbed the other over a doll dispute, and was then sent to an insane asylum. Frankly, we can’t imagine a doll leading to murder (although American Girl fans can get pretty passionate).

The second clue was a little less obvious, at least for the uninitiated. Early in the episode, as the girls walk past that abandoned house, the camera then pans over to show a van labeled with “Radley Sanitarium.” This name not only continues the show’s many allusions to To Kill a Mockingbird, but is also — you guessed it! — the very institution that Ali’s twin was sent to in the books. (Just so you know, straitjackets are so not in this fall, regardless of how warm they might be.)

And the final clue was the trickiest of all to spot, so you may have to re-watch the episode with the pause button handy. In the scene where Jason pops into Ali’s room, we see a framed photo of Jason on her wall...with a pic of Ali and her twin on either side of him! This seems to be the biggest clue regarding the twin — that is, unless Ali is such a narcissist that she hangs identical photos of herself in the same frame (which we wouldn’t put past her).

If you ask us, the show’s producers are clearly dropping hints that the actress who plays Ali (Sasha Pieterse) is about to get a lot more lines. In fact, we’re also guessing that Ali’s dream-like, seemingly drug-induced visits with Hanna and Emily in Seasons 1 and 2 were actually those of the (living) twin. But what do you think? Either way, this episode has taught us that, if anyone ever asks to play with one of our dolls, we’ll just hand it over.

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10.25.2011 / 02:21 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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