Exclusive: Glam Fairy Star Alexa Prisco Says Jersey Shore Is Embarrassing
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Jersey Shore

Exclusive: Glam Fairy Star Alexa Prisco Says Jersey Shore Is Embarrassing

When Glam Fairy star Alexa Prisco hit New York to celebrate her Jerseylicious spinoff — which premiered earlier this week on the Style Network — Wetpaint Entertainment was there to find out all about it. In our exclusive interview, the Glam Fairy herself tells us what’s new about her show, how she feels about Jersey Shore, and shares her thoughts on the “animalistic” Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How does it feel to have your own show?
Alexa Prisco: I think it’s so incredible. I’m so excited. It’s going to give people a chance to see a different side of who I am, what my business has to offer. They can see that it’s a real business and not some joke, and people can book appointments.

How does it differ from Jerseylicious?
Jerseylicious is pure entertainment. This is a new hybrid of filming where you have a progress show and a docu-soap. So you’re going to see a makeover—whether it’s mommies who have lost their sexiness and their groove, or a motivational speaker who has way too many blazers and needs a blazer intervention. But it’s also going to pique the curiosity of people who want to see what happens with [the Glam Fairy employees] when they go home, how they interact with each other professionally and very unprofessionally. It’s reality and I think it’s an actual reality, because it shows humanness. The people we makeover are real people. I’m a girl who has curves and I like my curves. I’m not going to lose twenty pounds because society thinks I should. They can mind their own damn business while I get my cheeseburger, you know what I mean?

What do you think about the style on Jersey Shore?
The style on Jersey Shore is a little bit trashy. Less is more? No, more is better. I don’t need to see your chest, your stomach, your thighs — your crotch if you’re falling down drunk. And control your alcohol, too. It’s a little bit embarrassing as a person who’s hard working to see that as a representation of New Jersey. So I hope that in some way this can show people that there are other people in their twenties out there who are hard working.

How about RHONJ?
I think that is very rich women acting out, and acting a little animalistic at times. I’ve fought on national television, but I’ve never assaulted someone, I’ve never spit on someone. [Laughs] I keep my body fluids to myself.

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