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The X Factor

L.A. Reid Between the Lines! Dirty Tricks in Store on X Factor

We’re not saying that The X Factor has been all flowers and rainbows, but this latest bit of news has even our eyebrows up. According to Celebrity News and Style, with only seventeen contestants left in the competition, L.A. Reid is prepared to take out the big guns -- specifically, against Simon Cowell -- in getting his boys to the top of the ticket.

Indeed, Reid “vowed to destroy” Cowell from day one. We could call that healthy competitive camaraderie (or...well, we could try), but now Reid’s upping the ante of Nixonian malfeasance. Indeed, Reid pulled out Tricky Dick’s timeless classic, saying he’s prepared to use “dirty tricks” and “mind games” to get Cowell’s ladies off the stage for good. “Even if I have to give really bad advice to the other contestants when their mentors are not around,” Reid said, “I will!”

So far, Cowell’s well aware of the blitzkrieg coming his way. We have yet to see if he’ll retaliate against Reid’s guys, but we’re hoping that the acerbic Brit will take advantage of the opportunity to be the bigger man. After all, why would the contestants listen to anything Reid tells them now? We get a feeling that Simon’s a little more protective of his credibility.

Source: Celebrity News and Style

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