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Dancing With The Stars

Should Louis Van Amstel Be a Judge on Dancing With the Stars?

Dancing With the Stars pro Louis van Amstel has been sorely missed by the fans during Season 13. But, although Louis is not competing, he's staying involved with the show by choreographing, performing, and voicing his opinions every week on Twitter.

This week, the topic everyone is buzzing about is the Maks vs. The Judges fight, and Louie was not afraid to make his feelings known. Last night, he criticized Len Goodman, because "Len actually never said why he thought it was half Maks' fault!" He also added that, "Bruno can b raunchy, cheap, camp, rude, uneducated and yet he's very entertaining to many! N has no ballroom dance experience." Tell us how you really feel, Louis.

This morning, Louie went on to tell his followers, "What's pretty clear to me after reading all ur comment you'd like to see a change in the judges! I wonder if execs will listen," adding, "The pros r given seasons off, why not the judges!? I'll be honest, I've wanted to be a judge 4 a while now, but I also still love teaching!"

As much as we'd like to see Louie back as a competitor, the idea of having him as a judge is very intriguing. He is clearly willing to speak his mind, but he also really, really cares about DWTS as a journey for the stars. One of the first things he said about Maks' fight was, "It's not if the judges or Maks is right or wrong, my concern is HOPE. Is she enjoying #dwts!? Its everyone's job to make her better n feel good." He could bring a bit of much-needed compassion to the judges' table.

What do you think?

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