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Chuck, Who? Hugo Becker Thinks Blair and Louis Will Make Great Parents

At least someone is invested in the Blair/Louis relationship! Of course, it is the man who makes up one-half of the royal Gossip Girl couple, guest star Hugo Becker. The French actor proclaimed his love of Blouis and their incoming royal spawn to HollywoodLife, saying he’s “very happy” about his character’s new daddy title and thinks he’ll make “a really good father.”

And what about the woman formerly known as the Queen of Drama? “She’s a very loyal person in terms of friendship and love, so I have no doubt she will be an amazing mother,” he said of his on-screen love, Blair Waldorf. (And we’ve got five more reasons to add to that!)

Unfortunately, for those of us prone to conspiracy theory ― and OH, we ARE! ― Becker isn’t entertaining any paternity speculation just yet. But that’s OK. His concerned glances at that torn-up envelope in last night’s “The Fasting and the Furious” episode was enough to make us think that there may be a baby Bass (if not a royal B-ass-kicking) in our future.

Source: HollywoodLife

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