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StarKid Fans: Which of Joey Richter’s YouTube Roles Is Your Favorite?

Last week, we were lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with Darren Criss’ (Blaine) pal and StarKid fan favorite Joey Richter. A number of you commented how much you love Joey — and we couldn’t agree more!

In just the past few years, this goofy guy in the blue headband has skyrocketed to fan fame with a number of memorable YouTube roles. Which of them is your favorite?

Ron - A Very Potter Musical (2009) and A Very Potter Sequel (2010)
Every boy wizard needs a best friend, and our favorite lightning scar-sporting superhero (played by Darren Criss) really hit the jackpot with his Red Vines-munching, orange-haired pal. A better besties truly is hard to FIND. Seriously, not everyone would be willing to smash a perfectly good Zefron poster for you. Even if it is evil...

Joey - Me and My Dick (2009)
We never thought we’d use words like “innocent” and “charming” to describe a play about a boy and his special little friend — but somehow, it just works. Joey and Dick’s (Joe Walker) epic bromance in the show is hilarious, awesome, and at times, even heartwarming.

Alex - Camp Chapel (2010)
We know it’s not a StarKid show, but this non-musical tale about a boy exiled to church camp as punishment for a night of hard partying definitely deserves a nod, as well. Our two main takeaways from the story: 1) Joey in a gray beanie is almost as adorable as Joey in a blue headband. 2) Seduction by way of Bible verses — apparently it works?

Bug - Starship (2011)
We’re just going to come out and say it: Never has a guy looked so awesome with a giant orange bug puppet strapped around his waist. He sang (like, really well). He danced. He captured the hearts of arthropods and ditsy schientists alike. What’s not to love?

10.26.2011 / 01:36 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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