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Glee Season 3 Sex Spoilers: Will Wemma Be Next?

Yes, it's true. Everyone is crazy caught up in certain McKinley High kids’ first time in a the November 8 Season 3 ep. And while we're sure someone will lose their virginity to "Your Body Is a Wonderland," there's also a very important non-student virgin in the mix we've been ignoring — one Miss Emma Pillsbury! Jayma Mays (Emma)

When asked by E! Online if anything was going down between her character and Mr. Schuester this season, Jayma Mays coyly smiled and replied, "Well, I don't know what ‘going down’ means, but it could be true. It's possible."

Jayma, you minx! We totally think it’s “going down.”

Also worth noting, Glee execs are looking to cast a doctor in an upcoming episode, and wouldn't it just be too much if Wemma's first sexual encounter resulted in something medically compromising?! We're talking pregnancy, of course!

Meanwhile, we've learned that Tina Turner plays an important role in Klaine's de-flowering scene. Uh, that’s much different than the steamy John Mayer-scored sequences we envisioned. Guess we’ll find out what love has to do with it!

Source: E! Online

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