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Dancing With The Stars

Trending: The Epic DWTS Battle Between Maks, Derek & Judges Fans

Whether you agree with agree with him or not, Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy knows how to get people talking.

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past week: Maks got into an argument with the judges on Monday night’s episode of DWTS when head judge Len Goodman gave a negative critique of Maks and celeb partner Hope Solo’s dance. Maks went on to tell Len that it is high time that he left the ballroom judging business and later said that DWTS is “his” show. Maksim apologized for the “my show” comment but refused to issue an apology to the judges and even hinted that Season 13 leader Derek Hough is always given an unfair advantage on the show.

We noticed a heated discussion taking place on our DWTS fan Facebook page when we asked readers if they were Team Maks or Team Judges. Fans were overwhelmingly pro-Maks but there were a few dissenters in the comments. Here are some of the best comments from the thread.

Team Maksim:

Judy G.: I think all of the professionals think similar things, but never say anything. Maks has a right to his opinion.

Dottie R.r: I agree with Maks 110%. The professionals work their butts off every week teaching the stars to dance and then to get criticized by the judges like they have this year is sad. The judges all 3 definitely need some major people skills. I think it is time for new judges. :(

Cathy P.: I agree with Maks about Derek Hough, he is given the best dancers...its not fair. ITA with Maks

Helen S.: He has every right to express his feelings. I have to add that Bruno was out of line with his comments to Chaz. Very wrong...and I like Bruno.

Jennifer C.: B. I saw it as being protective of Hope rather than being disrespectful to Len. Either way he's too scrumptious to be mad at.

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Team Judges:

Taylor N.: Maks is an EXCELLENT dancer, he is good looking and I've always liked him. However, he was completely out of line! Maks was RUDE, arrogant, cocky and DISRESPECTFUL. He could have chosen a different approach or choice of words. I will NOT be voting for him at all. Maks doesn't see that his adorable partner doesn't have the skills to dance. Perhaps he doesn't see it because he has a HUGE crush on her!!!!!!!!

Allison B.: Unfortunately Maks (or any other pro) can have a "perfect" dancer each season, and there needs to be a point where the judges tell the truth. Sadly, Hope isn't as great as some of the others, and Maks can't come to that realization. Just my opinion as a ballroom dancer that knows the proper steps, techniques & how difficult it really can be.

On the fence:

Lisa R.: He has a point the judges get a little much with their comments, but Maks does not own the show, he made a mistake saying that. The judges should not be calling these people who are truly trying very some of the names they use!!

Najla R.: I disagreed with Maks, but at the same time, he was defending his dance partner from being humiliated by some old man who does need to retire to be honest, but maybe Maks shouldn't have said that quite so quickly on National TV, but it's free speech too.

Cindy S.: I'm about 50% in agreement with Maks - but it does seem like he spouts off every season without fail!

Team Derek:

Kim F.: As a die hard Derek fan I think Maks is just mad because he is not as good of a teacher as Derek. Derek doesn't cuss at his star and if my memory serves me correctly Maks has fought with every single star he gets. Oh and Derek is better looking! ;)

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