Once Upon a Time Season 1, Episode 2 ”The Thing You Love Most” Complete Spoiler Guide
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Once Upon a Time Season 1, Episode 2 ”The Thing You Love Most” Complete Spoiler Guide

A whopping 74% of you voted in our poll that you “loved” the Once Upon a Time premiere, which means you’ll probably be tuning in for Episode 2 “The Thing You Love Most” this Sunday night. We rounded up the many spoilers scattered across the web, including casting news, sneak previews, upcoming scenes, and all our general burning questions, here for your (obsessive) perusing pleasure:

Season 1 General Spoilers:

- We will be seeing the real world town of Storybrook, Maine and the fairytale world of the Enchanted Forest about the same amount. We’ll spend half our time in Maine, and the other half in fairytale land.

- As we previously reported, additional upcoming characters will include Cinderella, who is Mary Margaret Blanchard’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) best friend in both the real world and the fairy tale world. Cinderella will be played by Jessy Schram. Other characters we’ll see soon include the Blind Witch from Hansel and Gretel (played by Emma Caulfield from Buffy), the Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror (Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad), Prince Charming’s father (Alan Dale from Lost), and Kristin Bauer van Straten (who plays Pam on True Blood) as evil sorceress Maleficent.

- The third episode, which airs on November 6th, will serve as a prequel to the premiere.

- Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) revealed that the back-story on why Emma gave Henry (Jared Gilmore) up for adoption, how Regina (Lara Parrilla) came to adopt him (coincidence? We don’t think so.), and how Henry found Emma will be revealed “slowly.” Don’t expect many answers to questions about how Emma Swan spent the past 28 years — that mystery will take a long time.

- Morrison also hints that the battle between Emma and Regina over Henry will get “pretty intense.” But, she feels, they both do ultimately want the best for Henry.

- Sounding very Lost-ish, Josh Dallas (John Doe/Prince Charming) says that the clock tower’s minute hand moving signifies “a shift in terms of the energy of the world.” Could he mean that the two worlds are moving closer together?

Once Upon a Time Season 1, Episode 2 ”The Thing You Love Most” Complete Spoiler Guide
Credit: ABC    

Spoilers for Episode 2:

- Malifecent will appear in the next episode, and will appear as the Evil Queen’s oldest friend, in both the real world and the magic kingdom.

- Watch a scene featuring Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) and the Evil Queen, showing the Queen asking the soothsayer how she can enact the curse. His reply: “the heart of the thing you love most.” She says that the thing she loved most “died because of Snow White.” But Rumpel insists, warning, “Great power requires great sacrifice.” Anyone else think that line sounds eerily similar to “With great power comes great responsibility” from Spiderman? Watch the scene here.

- “John Doe,” who is clearly Prince Charming’s real world counterpart, will wake up in this episode. According to Josh Dallas, who plays both parts, Doe will wake up feeling confused and “people that are around him...may or may not be saying that they are family members or wives or brothers.” And Ginnifer Goodwin has said that he will probably not remember his wife from the fairy tale world.

- Episode 2 will focus on Regina’s strategy for getting Emma to leave Storybrook (though judging from that white wolf accident from Episode 1, we’re not entirely sure that’s even possible). We will also learn more details about the curse put on both the characters and the town.

Finally, view a selection of photos from the next episode here, and view a sneak peek at Kristin dressed as Malifecent here.

Are you still excited?

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