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The Secret Circle

Secret Circle Spoiler! Will Cassie Change Jake’s Bad Boy Ways?

The Secret Circle’s newest heart-throb, Jake, is even more double-double-toil-and-troubled than his little brother. In fact, he hates himself so much that he’s joined a band of witch hunters and is actively trying to kill off his own kind. But why?

“It’s sort of self-satisfaction,” Chris Zylka tells TV Line. “He blames what happened to his parents on this town and every witch in this town.... [He] found that it’s not magic. It’s not witches. It’s dark magic. It’s where that dark magic can take people that is dangerous and that he hates. There’s something about this town that’s very dark, and he needs to take care of it.”

You know what erases black magic way more effectively than killing people? Pretty ladies.

“He’s not going to allow one person or one thought or one feeling to spoil something that he’s been working at for quite some time now.” Chris insists, adding, “If there is anyone that could change Jake’s actions, it could be Cassie [Britt Robertson].”

As long as she doesn’t change his studly nature!

Source: TV Line

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