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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Recap of Season 3, Episode 7, “Ghost World”: Visions of the Past

Newsflash! Mason Lockwood is not alive. Turns out, Tyler’s hot uncle is still very much the ghost Damon Salvatore turned him into. But that doesn’t mean that whole business of Mason kicking Damon’s tight little butt last week wasn’t real. It was. Apparently the spell Bonnie used to send Vicki home went a wee bit wrong, creating a loophole other ghosts can use to make not-so-friendly visits.

This explains why “Ghost World” opens with Damon chained to a chair in his living room. He’s sitting next to a window. His daywalker ring has been removed, and from the looks of the rays slipping through the curtain, Uncle May’s about to serve his revenge sunny-side up.

“It hurts, doesn’t it?” Mason asks, when our vampire comes to. But Damon doesn’t respond to him. Instead, D starts talking to Stefan, who is not at all shocked to find his big bro in bondage. They exchange witticisms and Stefan loosens Damon’s chains then leaves the room. A second later Mason yanks open the curtains to give our boy a little tan. Damon’s skin bubbles and sizzles. He howls in pain. Stefan does not come back to help. Bad, bad Stefan.

Over in the heart of Mystic Falls, the townsfolk are decorating the square for yet another founders’ event. While they help string up lights, Bonnie and Caroline chat about the Jeremy situation. He’s still seeing his dead ex Anna. And Caroline’s peeved that Bon-Bon won’t do any (magic) thing about it.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW    

While the dead werewolf and the vampire are working out their deal, Elena is busy catching Jeremy kissing Anna. Jer’s living girlfriend, Bonnie, is doing what she oh-so-often does: sitting in a circle of candles chanting. In the middle of her incantation, Bonnie’s Gram Sheila materializes in front of her and holds her hands. Sheila confirms that Bonnie has royally screwed things up. But, she says, it’s not her fault. Some other dead magic mama seized the opportunity when Bonnie sent Vicki back to kick the door open. Now the only way to close it is to find and destroy the necklace that belongs to the Original Witch.

So Bonnie and Caroline move again. This time they head to the Salvatore manse to find the necklace. They don’t find it and they peer pressure Jeremy into accusing Anna of stealing it. The dead vamp says she didn’t. But she did. And, she will return it just in time.

But before that time comes, Lexi locks Stefan up in the same Founder’s dungeon where Caroline’s father imprisoned her. Then Lex brings Elena in on the process she calls “Ripper Detox 101: A Crash Course.” To get Good Stefan back they will have to starve the blood out of him. Normally this would take forever, but Lexi has some sort of Rapid Detox power. The dead vamp stares into Stefan’s eyes for a second then he starts wrinkling and writhing in pain.

Lexi’s look takes years of blood lust away in a few minutes. Sad thing is: This is only the beginning. In order to cure him, Lexi says Elena will have to “make him see past the blood.” And the only way to do that is to torture the cute out of Stefan on a daily basis. To kickstart the process, Lexi stabs her BFF in the shoulder.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW    

By this time it’s dark out and everyone is in the town square waiting for the festival to begin. This includes the ghosts of the Tomb Vampires. As you can imagine, once again, a Mystic Falls Founders function becomes a slaughterfest. When the festival lights go on, people see the body of the head of the history department crucified on a tree.

Next the tomb vampire ghosts go after Mayer Lockwood, crashing her car. Bonnie and Caroline drive by just in time for Blondie to vamp up and protect her werewolf boyfriend’s mother.

While Caroline fights, Bonnie drives back to the magic place where she will meet Jeremy, who will give her the necklace.

Back under the old Lockwood mansion, Damon can’t enter the super secret dungeon, so Mason ghosts ahead. Right when Mason finds something, Jer hands the necklace to Bonnie, she tosses it into the fire, and fine Uncle Mason disappears.

But it’s not a sad ending for everyone. Back in town, right before the spell wears off, Anna finds her mother. They hug and disappear. Lexi leaves Elena with a few wise words and Sheila has time to pep talk her granddaughter.

After all the ghosts go poof, Elena basically tells Stefan to get his act together because “I won’t love a ghost for the rest of my life.” Then she leaves him locked in the dungeon. Cold!

Damon calls Alaric to help with the super secret dungeon. After he enters, ‘Ric sees what Mason saw: a wall filled with some sort of hieroglyphs that he doesn’t understand. But we’re guessing the Original Vampires know just what they mean. And, once again, we’re left hanging until next week.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW    

As if on cue, a freshly-healed Damon drives up and tells them that Bonnie’s spell may have opened the door for other ghosts to come back. Being the go-getters that they are, Bonnie and Caroline jump into action, trying to figure out how to fix the Vicki Escape Clause. As they walk away, Bonnie drops her bag and her Grimoire magics open to a very specific page. “Please tell me that’s a recipe for witch cookies,” Caroline says. Of course it’s not. It’s a spell that will let people see the ghosts that are stalking them. Bonnie reads it and immediately takes Car back to the old church dungeon where the 100 witches died and where she resurrected Jeremy.

Speaking of Jer, he’s seeing Anna non-stop now. In fact, she’s secretly sitting next to him when Elena tries to convince him to her contact Stefan’s dead BFF, Lexi. According to Stefan’s journals, whenever he fell off the bandwagon, Lexi was the one to put him back on. So Elena figures the dead vamp will still be willing to help a girl out.

Jeremy tries to explain to Elena that it’s not that simple, that there’s no party line on the other side. Alaric suggests they leave the dead alone. But, you know Elena. She only hears what she wants and she wants Stefan. Right on cue, the Ripper Stef shows up to taunt her. When he walks away, Lexi appears behind him. Back to save his sobriety once again, she announces, “You’re off the rails, big time.” Then she smashes his head into a car.

Meanwhile, at the Mystic Grill, Damon’s trying to solicit Alaric’s help with his ghost problem — as if he didn’t break the history teacher’s neck just a couple of weeks ago. Alaric’s not having it. But then Mason appears next to Damon, takes a shot of whiskey, and smashes the glass on Damon’s head. After a shot or two, Mason tells them that he’s willing to put his beef aside if Damon will help Tyler escape Klaus. In exchange for Damon’s help, Mason offers to lead him to something that can kill an original vamp.

Of course the elder Salvatore agrees and he meets Mason in the dungeon of the old Salvatore mansion. There they break down a wall and walk through a long dark corridor to yet another, much older hidden dungeon. At one point, a booby trap Founders set eons ago skewers Damon. Mason helps cut him free because, he says, “I don’t need revenge Damon. I need redemption.” Dang that’s deep.

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