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Dancing With The Stars

Dance of the Week: David & Kym’s Happy-Go-Lucky Quickstep

The Dancing With the Stars judges can say what they want — they’re only half the battle. We have our own favorite routines each week. For Season 13's tribute to Broadway (Week 6), we’re swimming WAY against the stream — because the stream was laced with crazy juice this week and we’re in the mood for something more refreshing.

David Arquette & Kym Johnson, Quickstep

Was this the best dance of the week? No. Do David Arquette and his pro partner Kym Johnson have a real chance of winning this competition? Probably not. But thank Travolta for Team Good Times ‘cause they have been an oasis of calm in a sea of way too much drama.

David and Kym have yet to be overscored or underscored. They’ve yet to have a major meltdown, fight with each other, fight with the judges, burst into tears, threaten to quit, or have their family members heckle the judges from the audience. The same cannot be said of anyone else on the show at this point, even the near-perfect J.R. Martinez, who is dogged by consistent underscoring from judges who don’t want to make it so clear that he’s the frontrunner.

To be honest, David wasn’t high on our radar for the first half of the season but he has slowly improved and his enthusiastic attitude is infectious. So what if he gets a little worked up? If his worst problem is getting overexcited and being too tough on himself, he’s in a good spot. He’s nice to the other contestants. He’s not ultra-competitive. His daughter Coco is an adorable little sprite cheering from the sidelines.

David and Kym exude a warm, positive energy and their “We Go Together” Quickstep as Grease’s Danny and Sandy just brought out the wholesome, sweet sides of their characters. It was like a tall glass of lemonade on a night when we really needed something sweet. So thanks for this dance. Now get back to work — you have a long way to go.