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Jersey Shore

Exclusive: Glam Fairy’s Sharie Manon Makes Fun of Jersey Shore Fashion

The Jerseylicious spinoff Glam Fairy premiered last week on the Style Network, and Wetpaint Entertainment was there last Thursday when the stars gathered to celebrate at the Gansevoort Park Avenue penthouse in NYC. On the show, “Glam Fairy” Alexa Prisco and her team of stylists give much-needed makeovers to women from all walks of life. So we caught up with “The Sexy, Confident Fairy” Sharie Manon in an exclusive interview to hear about her new gig, and to find out what she think of some her fellow New Jersey reality TV stars!

What do you think of the fashion on Jersey Shore?
Jersey Shore is the lack of fashion. I work with some of the highest people that you can get to in terms of fashion. I work with the people who book the biggest shows. It’s lack of fashion, but that’s okay. Fashion can be intimidating. Glam Fairy will make it fun again. We’re not so far out there that we’re snooty, but we’re not wearing Uggs in the summertime with shorts, because that’s not fashionable. Sorry, Snooki, I love ya, but you’re not fashionable.

How about Real Housewives of New Jersey?
They try a little bit more, a little too much. But you know what? They’re cute. I think they all go to the same stylist, because they look like it. They should come shopping in the city. There’s more than one store. Our stylist, which is Glamo, is in New York, and so am I. So you have two city people bringing in a city vibe. I like to say that Glamo and Sharie are the Manhattan solution to the New Jersey problem.

Can we expect a lot of drama on Glam Fairy?
Is there drama? Of course! We’re hairdressers, we’re girls, we’re artists. But there’s a lot of women who walk out very pleased.

10.29.2011 / 03:39 AM EDT by Ian Spiegelman
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