How to Dress Like Steven Tyler for Halloween
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American Idol

How to Dress Like Steven Tyler for Halloween

Still desperately searching for that perfect Halloween costume? Look no further than rock star turned American Idol judge Steven Tyler! Here’s our Mr. Aerosmith how-to.

What You’ll Need:
- A messy, wild hairdo. Apply Wild Harvest Molding Wax by FX, $6.99 for shorter hair, or Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble, $23 for long, wavy strands. Then, spray all over with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray, $14. We suggest adding a little zing of color in your locks with Streekers, too.
- Lip plumping gloss. If you want to achieve rock star lips, you have to go big. We recommend
Benefit Lip Plump, $13
- A round-rimmed hat, preferably black or brown and suede.
- A long duster, leather or velvet will be perfect. Fringe is an added bonus.
- The most happening 1970s patterned polyester shirt you can find.
- A silky scarf with a mismatching pattern.
- Load up on relics: big rings, a fur tail earring, a set of necklaces with items dangling on them such as: a shark’s tooth, silver fangs, a bullet, a rabbit’s foot for good luck at your next show, a chain, crystal, crescent moon, Virgin Mary, and/or skull.
- A hair feather or two. But we advise caution: Keep your feather colors neutral. You want to achieve ‘70s desert gypsy, not Miley Cyrus.
- Bell-bottoms, like the Staring at Stars Crushed Velvet Flare Pant, $49
- Cowboy boots or massive platforms, like Jeffrey Campbell’s Americana Lita Boot, $150 (Seriously, you’re going to want to scope out how rockin’ these kicks are).

Bonus Points:
- Air guitar, wail your best high-pitched rocker scream, and sing out lyrics like, “Sweet emotion!” “I go crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby!” or “Walk this way!”
- Continuously critique people who rock your world by telling them: “Well, hellfire, save matches, f*** a duck and see what hatches!”
- Do a little dance. Snap your fingers, do a twirl, and squeeee like you’re hearing the best thing you’ve ever heard.
- Get your friends to dress up as Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul.

10.29.2011 / 05:27 AM EDT by Kim Hoffman
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