Spooky Singles! Wetpaint Entertainment’s Halloween Party Playlist
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Spooky Singles! Wetpaint Entertainment’s Halloween Party Playlist

So you’ve got the dry ice, candy corn, and your Courtney Stodden costume all ready for that big Halloween celebration, but you’re in desperate need of some haunting Halloween tuneage? Wetpaint Entertainment is here to help! Our mixtape of must-have Halloween pop songs will keep your Halloween party extra-freaky-deaky.

Listen to all the tracks below!

Michael Jackson, “Thriller”
This is an absolute classic that belongs at the top of every Halloween party playlist! The King of Pop’s iconic 1982 single remains the gold standard by which all spooky songs should be judged. Kick your fright night off right with some MJ choreography and freak everyone out.

Natalia Kills, “Zombie”
English art-pop chanteuse Natalia Kills has made a splash with her glamorous, Gothic-tinged dance music, and this disconcerting song about a zombie romance exemplifies the dark attitude that makes her so mesmerizing. Auto-tuned vocals and crunchy beats make this slice of gloom-pop entirely irresistible.

Rihanna, “Disturbia”
One of the Bajan banger’s best-loved singles, “Disturbia” is as eerie and unsettling as it was on its very first spin — and that monster earworm of a chorus doesn’t hurt. For extra chills, throw on the video — has sweet Rihanna ever looked scarier?

Tegan and Sara, “Walking With a Ghost”
The exact meaning behind indie duo Tegan and Sara’s 2004 single “Walking With a Ghost” isn’t totally clear, but the song’s ominous instrumentation and haunting refrain of “You’re out of my mind” makes it a perfect addition to any Halloween set — whether it’s an ex-lover or a supernatural apparition that Tegan & Sara just can’t shake.

Lady Gaga, “Monster”
What Halloween would be complete without a shoutout to the Little Monsters? Gaga’s ‘80s-inspired production and sweet vocals might make this one sound harmless, but “Monster” is a disturbing look at what happens when your lover turns into a monster before your very eyes.

Britney Spears, “Freakshow”
Taken from the Holy Spearit’s dark and moody 2007 album Blackout, the wobbler effect featured in “Freakshow” helped bring the sound of dubstep into the mainstream. The song is a grimy exploration of all things uncanny — as fitting a description of Britney’s own real-life freakshow as it is of an evening spent getting all shook up in a haunted house.

Shakira, “She Wolf”
The Colombian chanteuse’s delightfully off-kilter single “She Wolf,” about a canine transformation, is built around what might just be the most spooky and weird soundbite to ever feature in a pop song: Shakira literally howling mid-chorus. So throw on your Wolfman mask and howl right along with her.

Ke$ha, “Cannibal”
Ke$ha is famous for many things — brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack and bathing in glitter, among others — but the throbbing title track from her 2010 EP puts her man-eating ways front and center. “Now I’m gonna eat you, fool!” she crows gleefully, before shrieking “I am cannibal!” ad infinitum. Blast this one and put a little cannibalism in your bump ‘n’ grind.

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