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Dancing With The Stars

Exclusive: DWTS Pro Val Chmerkovskiy on Being “Intimidating” to Partners’ Boyfriends and Husbands

If you’ve ever seen Dancing With the Stars dance pro Val Chmerkovskiy dance shirtless (as he did with eliminated Season 13 contestant Elisabetta Canalis), you know just how hot he looks swiveling those hips. Naturally, we wondered if all those hours spent in the studio with various female dance students have ever led to an intimidated boyfriend or husband running after him with a baseball bat. Val explained everything to us at last night’s Dance With Me showcase:

Wetpaint: Do you ever have to deal with jealous boyfriends/husbands?

VS: I think that happens even without the dancing. Yeah, definitely. Dancing is a very intimate thing, and there’s a lot of time spent with the opposite sex, you could say. But that’s, I grew up in this business. For me a lot of it is acting, a lot of it is natural, a lot of it is work, a lot of it is fun.

I feel very comfortable being around women, and communicating with women and sometimes I guess that could be a little intimidating for people to handle. But I’m very aware of those things. I’m a nice guy, honestly. If a girl is in a relationship and I happen to be dancing with her, teaching with her, I would make sure that I do everything to make sure that her boyfriend or husband feels comfortable with me. I would never want to make people feel uncomfortable.

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