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New Clues Revealed! Our In-Depth Analysis of the Latest Promo for Glee’s “Pot O’ Gold”

If you’re like us, it feels like Glee hasn’t aired a new episode since the Truman administration. (Thanks a lot, baseball!) But have no fear — Glee’s return on November 1 is now a mere day away, and we even have a brand new promo to provide more details. Join us as we pour over every tiny snippet in the video to see exactly what we can expect from “Pot O’ Gold.”

Scene 1: Glee is back. God bless America.
In our first snippet, we see Mercedes and Santana in patriotic sailor outfits performing the sugaraholics’ anthem, Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman” (which is especially appropriate this close to Halloween). Could this mean Santana has defected and joined Shelby’s club? (Also, any chance we can see a few of the guys in one of those sailor uniforms, too? Just asking!)

Scene 2: A shirtless Puck? Looks like Christmas has arrived early.
Why is Puck shirtless in what looks to be some sort of Amazonian jungle, and who is that blonde-haired mystery woman he’s talking to? We figured that his MILF-hunting ways would be behind him, but we may have been wrong.

Scene #3: Time to dust off the jackets and ties!
The Warblers are back and performing in all of their harmony-filled glory, although it’s hard to tell if Blaine is singing with them. Instead, he’s off to the side and wearing a suit covered in horizontal lines that looks like it was snagged from the Michelin Man’s closet. We also have no idea why one of the Warblers is doing some kind of crane kick, unless he’s auditioning for a part in the next Karate Kid reboot. (Let’s just hope he did plenty of stretching beforehand.)

Scene #4: Bring on the bling.
Rachel hopes that Finn doesn’t hate her because she’s beautiful, as she shows off her “radiance” in the form of what appears to be a diamond earring. Liz Taylor would be proud.

Scene #5: There’s clearly no such thing as too much Katy Perry on Glee.
If you thought Glee couldn’t possibly find a way to squeeze in another Katy Perry hit, we would tell you to stop being so ridiculous, as we see New Directions performing her latest #1 smash, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” The song also features Rachel and Quinn dancing provocatively on file cabinets, because nothing’s sexier than drawers full of exams and handouts.

Scene #6: Will West Side Story be sidelined?
It looks like it might be curtains for the school’s musical, as Schue is shown pleading with Figgins that the show must go on. As always, it appears that Sue is behind this, as she defends her $4,000 pom-pom budget. (And what exactly are people protesting in the background of that scene? Perhaps the Occupy Wall Street movement is widening its reach?)

Scene #7: It didn’t work out with Puck and Rachel, so why not try her mom?
Say what? Might a Puck-Shelby hookup actually be in the works? It seems so, at least if Puck has his way, as he calls her “hot” and says it’s “going to happen.” Looks like he’s really not done with MILFs.

Scene #8: We actually wouldn’t be that surprised if Sue owns a whip.
We never knew Sue to be an Indiana Jones fan, but her Temple of Doom reference proves otherwise. And just what has Sue more peeved than a Nazi whose face has just melted off? It appears that our old buddy Burt Hummel is a late addition to her congressional race, which is why she then threatens to pull out his heart. Talk about going rogue.

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10.31.2011 / 12:30 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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