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Grey's Anatomy

You Tell Us: Which Grey’s Anatomy Doctor Would You LEAST Want to Have?

The docs and residents at Seattle Grace-Mercy West are supposed to be the best of the best, but if we were suddenly transported into the world of Grey's Anatomy we'd be a little wary of being treated by some of them. Think about it:

Cristina (Sandra Oh) is brilliant, but her bedside manners leave something to be desired, and she did forget how to do an appendectomy that one time. Speaking of which, so did Teddy (Kim Raver). Way to inspire confidence, guys.

Speaking of iffy bedside manners, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) has been a grouch recently because of Zola. He's still one of the best brain surgeons around, but he lacks a warm and fuzzy side. And on the flip side of the MerDer coin, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo)'s daring rule breaking style might be work out most of the time, but it's a little scary.

Alex (Justin Chambers) meanwhile is better with kids than adults, and his recent success rate is less than encouraging, dud patients or no. And of course, there's poor April (Sarah Drew), who is good at logistics, but does things like mess up a surgery because she's flustered about her virginity.

And the list can go on. So, who would you LEAST like to see as your doc?

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