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Jersey Shore

New Video Claims Jersey Shore Is Fake, Could It Be True?

We’ve been watching Jersey Shore obsessively since it first premiered in December 2009, and one of the reasons it grabbed our (and the world’s) attention so powerfully was due to the candid nature of the housemates’ interactions. It’s hard to imagine, but the Amazing Eight started this journey as complete unknowns. Snooki was merely the Princess of Poughkeepsie, and no one in the house could even remember her soon-to-be-legendary nickname (Mike asked the camera in an early episode, “Snickers?”).

So when we came across this YouTube video, featuring a very disappointed fan showing “proof” that the show is fake, we watched carefully. in the video, Sean Klitzner analyzes the infamous Snooki-and-Deena-vs.-ice-throwing-Italian-bartenders scene from Season 4, Episode 11. While the guy is pretty convincing, we have a few issues with his analysis of the scene. Check out our reasons for why the scene may or may not be fake below:

Why It’s Possibly Real:
- We can’t see who threw the ice in the first place. Can’t claim it was the producer.
- Just because we see someone’s retracted arm doesn’t mean they had just thrown ice. She might have been trying to protect Snooks from the flying object.
- At one point we do see one of the bartenders dumping ice from his bucket on Snooki.
- The bottles on the bar are probably just mixers, which bartenders sometime line up along the bar for easier mixing. (Of course the bar isn’t going to line up bottles of expensive booze within snatching-distance of drunk patrons.)

Why It’s Possibly Fake:
- Deena is looking suspiciously towards someone near the camera just before the ice is thrown.
- The alleged producer is clearly talking to Snooki right before she goes off on the bartender. Could she be coaching her on what to do or how to react? Hard to say.
- How come no one is at the bar in a packed nightclub?

This isn’t the first time that Jersey Shore has been accused of being fake. There was the infamous “JWOWW’s sock” scandal from Season 2, which fans used as proof that a fight between Snooki and former castmate Angelina was fake. However, this fan’s video shows the full, unedited fight scene and puts to rest any doubts that a sock-switching producer was coaching the cast on their fight.

Wetpaint Entertainment reached out to MTV for a comment on the new video but we have yet to hear a response.

We’ll let you be the judge. Watch the video, and then you tell us!

Source: YouTube

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