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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: Top 5 Reasons Why Noel Might Be “A”

Normally, a cute guy who can play the acoustic guitar means swoon-central for us, but we may have to make an exception for an extreme creepster like Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty). The guy has been plenty suspicious from practically Day One on Pretty Little Liars, but could Noel really be “A”? Here are five reasons why we’re starting to point the finger at this super-sketchy dude (even if he can throw one hell of a party).

5. Noel hates Ali for making all his girlfriends dump him. (We can’t say we blame him.)
Somehow, Ali knew just what to say to get Noel’s girlfriends to drop him like a bar of soap. Ali claimed that she just wanted to make Noel available for Aria (Lucy Hale), but this would certainly be a reason why Noel wasn’t Ali’s biggest fan and might have wanted to torment her. Somehow, even when Ali claims to be doing someone a favor (i.e., helping Aria get Noel), she still ends up making people’s lives miserable (just one of her many talents).

4. Noel earns good grades the old-fashioned way: blackmail.
At first, it seemed as though Noel using his knowledge of Aria and Ezra’s (Ian Harding) relationship to blackmail Ezra for a better grade was a sign that Noel might be “A.” However, then the real “A” apparently gets Noel busted for cheating before he can go public about Ezria (our way of describing the couple in one word). Perhaps there are two people posing as “A”? Regardless, we’re guessing that the one place the letter “A” isn’t used in regards to Noel is on his report card.

3. If Noel had to put something on Ezra’s car, why couldn’t he have gone with some cool flames instead?
Noel’s behavior at Mona’s (Janel Parrish) glamping party was very suspicious, as he first denied being there altogether, even though Hanna (Ashley Benson) saw him write “I see you” on Ezra’s car. Stalking people and writing cryptic notes sound a lot like “A” behavior, if you ask us. And even if he isn’t “A,” Noel still owes Ezra one free car wash, dontcha think?

2. Mona and Noel: A match made in heaven the other place.
We didn’t see Mona and Noel much together in Season 2, so it’s hard to know what to make of their so-called “relationship.” But considering Mona herself is a prime “A” suspect, we wouldn’t be surprised if — instead of whispering sweet nothings to each other — they actually whisper plans for world domination. (In other words, we’re not going to start picking out a wedding present anytime soon.)

1. Saved by the bell (tower).
We hadn’t seen Noel much in the second half of Season 1, and then suddenly he popped up in the Season 1 finale in the most suspicious of locations: right outside the church, just as “A” had saved Spencer from Ian in the bell tower. A coincidence? We think not. (And if it was just a coincidence, Noel does not have a knack for timing.)

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