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The Kardashians

Source: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding “Was Contrived to Be Great Television”

On the day that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, and issued a somber, careful statement, anonymous sources are hitting back, accusing Kim of insecurity and fame addiction.

Radar Online talks to one friend close to Kim, who says: “She doesn’t want to live off camera she is totally insecure and addicted to fame,” adding, “Everything is about her and her career.”
Everything, including her $18 million dollar, 400-person wedding, says the source.

“The wedding was all for TV — they invited people they didn’t even know — many of whom were business associates, and people who each had not even met before the wedding! The wedding was contrived to be great television, but had no warmth or intimacy.”

It’s no coincidence that Kim filed for divorce today, continues the “friend.” “Don't think it’s a coincidence filing/announcing on Halloween — she will be profiting off of this for years to come! Not to mention her mom's book comes out tomorrow.”

Source: RadarOnline

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