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Will Castle Solve Johanna Beckett’s Murder? Andrew Marlowe Tells All

This season Castle fans have really seen NYPD’s resident kickass female, Kate Beckett, open up, and creator Andrew Marlowe tells The Futon Critic we’re about to learn even more about the babe-behind-the-badge.

“One of the things about the show is that for the most part, since the beginning, we've accessed all the storytelling through Castle's point of view,” Marlowe says.

“Beckett has been a mystery to him and he's peeled back her layers as time has gone by, but I felt very strongly at the beginning of the season that it was time to start opening her up, if not to Castle then a little bit to the audience.”

Marlowe says we’ll see Beckett plop her cute butt in her therapist’s chair a few more times this season, as the show continues to dig into “why she's not fully committing to him."

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In fact, an upcoming episode dealing with a sniper will force Beckett to confront her post-traumatic stress disorder — and, we assume, some other issues — head on. But Marlowe warns fans that they shouldn’t expect Castle to delve into Johanna Beckett’s murder.

”We will touch on it at moments this year, but most likely not at the level we did last year because we have other things that we're interested in,” Marlowe reveals.

And Beckett’s shrink isn’t the only one who just might get the hard-headed brunette to talk this season. Marlowe teases that he’s also working on developing Beckett’s other relationships and plans to throw in some “girl talk” scenes between Beckett and her supposed-BFF, Lanie (who, as we all know, is currently going through an awkward breakup with detective Esposito.)

Bring on the tears and tissues! Anything to get these two talking about something other than dead bodies.

Source: The Futon Critic

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